Yakuza Kiwami Where Is The Dog

You’ll find out that the dog will have a hard time swallowing its food and needs something to drink. Head back to the convenience store and buy Suntory Mineral Water (S. Alps) and return to Haruka. Once you return, the dog won’t be able to drink without a bowl or a plate.

Head to Poppo on Nakamichi St. and buy some, then head back to the girl. Now, you need to get water, so go back to the same Poppo and get their Mineral Water.

Where can I buy water yakuza like a dragon?

Bring him “Suntory Mineral Water.” You can buy it from the vending machine beside the Dragon Kart building. Return to the Korean town and then choose “Call.” You need to locate the blue icon.

Where is the little girl and dog Yakuza kiwami?

This is a little shop that’s located on Nakamichi Alley which will carry dog food.

Defeat the minions first then focus on Hiroshi. Hell attempt to grab you often so be prepared to smash the X button to break free of his grasp and prevent him from throwing you down, leaving you vulnerable to additional attacks. Hiroshi can also use nearby objects as weapons so its better to use them without restraint. You can grab him and execute a basic heat action while standing but dont do this often since he can counter you in the long run. Continue your attacks until hes weakened. When he starts glowing in a yellow aura, switch to Beast Style and give him a brutal foot-to-face finisher. Once the battle is over, more cutscenes will follow and the next chapter will begin.

Dog Food should be located at the bottom part of the list. Buy dog food and return back to Haruka.

Haruka doesnt want to leave the dog until it gets better. Shell ask you to fetch some food for the dog. Head for the nearest convenience store, in this case, Poppo at Nakamichi Alley located just south of your current location.

After speaking with Reina, she will tell you to go to Bacchus to get more information on Ares. Head for the Millennium Tower and to the street to its right, noted by the quest marker.

After you exit Bacchus, youll see a dog being bulled. Fend of the street thugs to protect the dog.


Where do I get the paper plate for the dog in Yakuza kiwami?

Yakuza 2/ Yakuza Kiwami 2

After finding out a child named Hayato is struggling to make friends, Kiryu thinks that it’s necessary to bring a dog to Sunflower Orphanage. Then he calls Mogusa to get the dog, and Pochitaro is transferred to the orphanage, which improves Hayato’s situation.

Where do I take the dog food Yakuza kiwami?

Go to the Don Quijote store. It’s sold at Don Quijote, but you can also use the Iron plate that’s sold in other stores and I think maybe the Gold, Silver and other plates would work as well if you already have one in your item box. Thank you guys so much!