Your Are mini bull terriers good watch dogs? A Complete Guide

Are Miniature Bull Terriers Good Guard Dogs?

Thinking of owning a Miniature Bull Terrier and would like to know if Miniature Bull Terriers are good guards dogs or watch dogs?

Miniature Bull Terriers are usually protective over their family and home. Learn more about the guard dog and watchdog ability of Miniature Bull Terriers here.

Your Are mini bull terriers good watch dogs?

What is the bite force of a bull terrier?

The strength of a Bull Terrier’s jaw can be measured by its bite force. A Bull Terrier’s bite force is equivalent to 269 PSI (pounds per square inch). A Bull Terrier is one of the top 20 dogs with the strongest bites. They are known to have an egg-shaped head and a unique jaw structure.

Miniature Bull Terrier Rescue and Adoption

Decided to go the rescue route? Bull Terrier Rescue is the perfect resource for Miniature Bull Terrier rescue. They offer information about the breed as well a list of available Miniature Bull Terriers for adoption.

Miniature Bull Terrier adoption is right for you if you are looking for an adult dog that is (typically) already trained.

Additionally, Mini’s with special needs are available for adoption. They have minor issues – such as skin problems or shyness – or more severe health issues that can require frequent vet visits.

A lot of Miniature Bull Terriers in rescue need to be the only pet in the house due to their dog selectiveness.

Your Are mini bull terriers good watch dogs?

If you have decided on a purebred Mini, the AKC Marketplace is a great place to search for Miniature Bull Terrier breeders. Here, you can search for breeders based on location, litter availability, and bloodline.

Keep in mind that a reputable breeder will:

  • Have a clean home and/or kennel,
  • Treat their dogs with love and care,
  • And know everything there is to know about the breed.
  • If a breeder doesn’t fit these criteria, move on to the next one!

    Good Miniature Bull Terrier breeders will also provide you with health certificates and let you know of any known temperament or health issues.

    They will also ask you questions to determine if a Miniature Bull Terrier is, in fact, the right breed for you and your family.

    Characterized by their signature egg-shaped heads and square bodies, the Miniature Bull Terrier size is around 10-14 inches tall.

    A Miniature Bull Terrier weight is between 18-28 pounds with a life expectancy of 11-13 years.

    As for colors the Mini comes in, you can choose from red, white, or fawn, as well as black brindle, black and tan, and tri-color.


    The Miniature Bull Terrier temperament is sweet-natured and protective. They are bred to have the strength and tenacity of a bulldog and the intense and alert nature of a terrier,