Your How do I know if my puppy is from a puppy farm? Here’s the Answer

They Don’t Know, or Don’t Share The Puppy’s Parents

For a dedicated breeder, even though it may be their business, every litter is greeted with passion and excitement. Their breeding animals are their loves, and they invest time in making sure they are comfortable and healthy. A female shouldnt be having more than one or two litters a year, and an indication of a good breeder is that they actually dont have any puppies available. If they are breeding their animal at a reasonable frequency, its likely youll have to get on a waiting list for a puppy. Without seeing the parents, not only could they be unhealthy, it potential the puppy youre getting could even be stolen or second hand.

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Your How do I know if my puppy is from a puppy farm?

Never Fly a Puppy in Cargo

In an ideal world, no animal should be shipped or travel without a human being by their side:

  • An adult dog is sturdier than a puppy and will generally fair well if you and the airline follow proper safety guidelines.
  • But a puppy is more fragile in both health and temperament. A terrifying airplane ride can create severe anxiety in a young puppy. Worse, flying a puppy in cargo is dangerous to their health and possibly their life.
  • The risks, such as exposure to extreme temperatures and emotional trauma from being crated and isolated, should stop any prospective puppy purchaser or responsible breeder from this practice.

    Never trust an airline to take special care of a puppy on the tarmac.

    Airlines often fly dogs when the temperatures are too cold or too hot — and certain unscrupulous veterinarians working with breeders will actually write airline travel health certificates to allow for temps under 35 or over 75 degrees. These conditions are not safe, particularly for a puppy.

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