Your How do you put dog tags together? A Complete Guide

Step 3: Attach the Ring or Hook to the Collar

Your How do you put dog tags together?

Using the same process as before, attach the hardware to the D-ring or tag ring on the collar.

With the S-hook, you will use the other side of the S and pinch it closed onto the collar. This turns the hook from an S shape into more of a figure-8.

If you regularly change the collar your dog is wearing (like switching back and forth between a GPS dog tracker and a reflective dog collar) and don’t want to have to go through this process to transfer their tags every time, you can get an ID tag pet clip.

This is basically a small carabiner that you can easily unclip and attach to another collar in seconds.

This is also a helpful option if you don’t have the finger strength to get collar tags onto the more common hardware.

How to Put a Dog Tag on a Collar?

Please follow these steps to learn to put a dog tag on a collar:

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To silence your dogs tags, put rubber silencers around the outside of the tags if theyre made of metal. You can also try putting some felt on the back of the tags to create a buffer. Alternatively, buy a small pouch made specially for holding the tags from your local pet stores. If you’re willing to buy new tags, try silicone or plastic ones, which arent as noisy as metal. For a more versatile option, purchase velcro tags that adhere directly to the collar. Another choice is to embroider your information directly onto the collar. To learn how to rivet the tags onto your dog’s collar, keep reading!

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