Your How do you treat a dew claw on a dog? Essential Tips

General Cost to Treat Dewclaw Injuries

Preventing dewclaw injuries is the best way to avoid costly veterinary visits. However, dewclaw accidents happen to even the most well-cared-for dogs.

Dewclaw injuries are common, so it helps to be prepared for the general costs of treating them. In most cases, this isn’t a very expensive injury to treat.

Broken or torn dewclaws will likely bleed a lot, prompting veterinary intervention. In addition to office and examination fees, if your dog requires emergency care, expect to pay between $45 and $125 to be seen.

After treating the damaged dewclaw, bandaging it, and prescribing medication, costs will hover between $100 and $300.

Overgrown dewclaws are easily remedied with canine nail clippers. If you aren’t comfortable clipping your dog’s nails, ask your veterinarian or groomer to do it. This service costs between $10 and $30.

Infected dewclaws may require testing, bloodwork, laboratory work, and even surgery, depending on the extent of the issue. If the bone is infected, your dog may need x-rays and prescription medication, which cost between $125 and $300.

Caring pet parents never want their dogs to feel pain or suffer. Always seek veterinary intervention if your dog is limping or showing signs of dewclaw irritation. Pet health insurance such as MetLife Insurance that covers accidents and illness may to help offset the cost of treating dewclaw injuries.

My dog’s dew claw is broken and bleeding. What should I do?

Sometimes with a broken claw it can be a torn nail, or just part of the nail, and it could come off or just be loosely attached. There are no hard and fast rules as to how a dog’s nails may be injured, but it is important to give painkillers as broken nails can be painful, and then was in a clean dressing around the dog’s broken nail.

Don’t assume your dog’s dew claws are simply vestigial and serve no purpose and any injury to the claw needs immediate attention. If you feel brave and have some nail clippers then you can try to clean up the area yourself, but watch out for your dog’s nail bed.

It typically gets broken or torn after a bad landing.

If a dewclaw gets caught on something like carpet or upholstery fibers, the nail can crack or tear. It can also happen after the dog jumps off a chair or sofa, and lands in a way that bends the nail and breaks it. These injuries are uncommon and can usually be prevented by keeping the dewclaw trimmed short.

Tips for Trimming Your Dog’s Dew Claw!

Have you noticed your dog limping around with one paw up in the air? There are many possibilities for this behavior, including a broken or torn dew claw. Dog dew claw injury is usually small, but it can put your dog into a lot of anguish. Fortunately, most of the dew claw injuries can be conveniently treated at home unless they are very severe. Keep reading to know more about the dew claw injury and its treatment.