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What is the Treatment for Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs?

There is no antidote for chocolate poisoning. Your vet will first attempt to stabilize your dog and attempt to control any symptoms she presents with.

Depending on how long it has been since your dog ate the chocolate, your vet may attempt to induce vomiting by giving your dog a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution or activated charcoal.

Intravenous fluids will be given, and your vet may administer other specific treatments to control heart rate irregularities, diarrhea and vomiting.

If you catch your dog eating chocolate, call your veterinarian immediately. They may suggest that you attempt to induce vomiting at home with hydrogen peroxide but only do this upon your vet’s instruction. Your vet will advise the following:

  • Feed your dog a small meal. Having something in her belly will make it easier to induce vomiting and will absorb some of the toxins before vomiting.
  • Give your dog 3% hydrogen peroxide, one to two teaspoons for every ten pounds of weight. You can squirt this solution to the back of your dog’s tongue using a turkey baster, eye dropper or needless syringe. The taste and foam with prompt vomiting within five to ten minutes after administration. If this does not work the first time, it can be repeated one more time but do not give more than two doses or it may cause uncontrollable vomiting which will put your dog at risk.
  • Do not give your dog salt, as it can lead to sodium poisoning.
  • Call your vet again and ask for more instructions after she has vomited. If you haven’t gotten her to vomit, you should get her to the vet immediately.
  • Inducing vomiting can be dangerous in a lethargic of ill pet, as there is a great risk of aspiration.

    How Much Chocolate is Too Much?

    The larger the dog, the more chocolate she will be able to tolerate. Even the smallest amount of chocolate can potentially be fatal for a small dog.

    Milk chocolate is more tolerable, as the amount of cocoa bean present in it is less than in dark chocolate, however any ingestion of half an ounce per body weight could put your dog at risk for poisoning.

    Dark or semi-sweet chocolate is much more harmful, and more than 0.13 ounces per pound may cause poisoning. Any ingestion of baker’s chocolate can cause poisoning and should be considered an emergency.

    Dogs with underlying health conditions or those that are very young or very old are more at risk for complications.

    Get 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

    If your dog eats chocolate, the first thing you need to do is contact your veterinarian.

    They will likely tell you to make the dog vomit to get the chocolate out of his digestive system.

    You can use 3% hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting in dogs.

    How much: The proper dosage of 3% hydrogen peroxide for a dog to make them throw up is one teaspoon for every 5 pounds of a dogs body weight.

    However, 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide should be the maximum amount, no matter how much your dog weighs. More than that can be fatal to dogs.

    How to induce vomiting in your dog | Dr Justine Lee

    Everyone knows dogs can’t eat chocolate. But it happens. So if your dog eats chocolate, here’s what you need to know, what you need to do and when you need to call your vet.