Your What are the white things in my dog’s poop? Essential Tips

How to identify flecks and when should they be cause for concern

You’re going to have to get up close and personal. The main thing to look out for is whether or not the white specks move. Take a look at the poop with a naked eye for several seconds. If they’re static, it might not be cause for concern. If they’re moving, it’s a different story and your dog might have an infection. Remember to look closely, sometimes the specks can appear motionless before a sudden twitch.

White specks can have a variety of causes

  • Undigested food. Your dog may have traces of bones in their stool. This means you might need to check on the quality of your pet’s food and treats.
  • Fly larvae. Has the poop been laying around the yard for a while? If so, the white specks could be maggot eggs.
  • Worms and other infections. This is the one that should cause alarm. Worms are an infestation of a dog’s intestines that can cause other underlying health issues.
  • Tapeworms

    Tapeworms live in your dog’s intestines and mooch off their food, often laying eggs along the way. If your dog has a tapeworm, you might have noticed unexplained weight loss along with the white specks, or you could have seen your pup dragging their butts across the floor or licking themselves aggressively. Many dogs show no adverse effects from a tapeworm infestation at all, however.

    Dogs get tapeworms from eating fleas, so the best way to prevent an infestation is by making sure your dog is given flea and tick medication regularly.

    If your dog has tapeworms, your vet will likely give them a medication (either orally or via a shot) that causes the tapeworms to dissolve inside your pup’s intestines. They’ll then be pooped out, bringing the cycle to a close.

    Tapeworms are easy to treat, but make sure your dog takes all their medication if your vet gives you an oral prescription. Failure to do so could allow some of the worm to survive, and it will be wreaking havoc again in no time.

    Also, while your dog should make a full recovery once the tapeworm has been treated, you should never ignore a possible tapeworm infestation, especially in puppies. These parasites can rob your dog of important nutrients, and if left untreated, your dog could die as a result.

    Your What are the white things in my dog’s poop?

    What Are These White Specks In Dog Poop

    Most dogs are private poopers. They like to duck under a deck or go behind a bush to do their business. And I won’t lie—dogs probably think it’s very strange when we stand over them while they poop and then pick it up or scoop it up from behind them.

    But this everyday, boring, kinda gross task also gives pet parents the opportunity to monitor and assess their dog’s poop. You may not even realize you are doing it, but you notice when poop is more firm or looser or changes color.

    That’s a good thing because poop can tell us so much about what is going on inside of our dogs. But if you see white dog poo—instead the regular brown color—something is wrong.