Your What breed of dog has really curly hair? Expert Advice

Some Curly Haired Dogs Are “Hypoallergenic”

All dogs shed, but some dogs shed much less than others. This makes many curly canines great for homes with people who’re allergic to dogs.

In fact, you’ll often see curly haired breeds — including, most notably, poodles and poodle mixes — labelled as “hypoallergenic.” Now, these dogs can still trigger allergies in humans, but they’re much less likely to do so than breeds who shed large amounts of fur (looking at you, huskies).

Even if you aren’t allergic to doggo dander, you may appreciate the fact that these dogs make it easier to keep your carpets, couch, and clothing relatively dog-hair-free.

Special Considerations for Dog Breeds with Curly Hair

Your What breed of dog has really curly hair?

Curly coated canines are certainly adorable, but there are a few things you should understand before adding one of these cuties to your family.

The Portuguese water dog is known as one of the best aquatic dogs in the world. Historically, they would travel with fishermen on trips and help with a variety of tasks. They are energetic, loyal, and a complete ball of energy, especially around water. Their intelligence and amiability make them a fantastic option for families.

Airedale terriers are large dogs with some of the most versatile temperaments around. They are nicknamed the King of Terriers and have been used in hunting and as companions for hundreds of years. The largest of all terriers, they are independent and incredibly intelligent. Their curly, wiry coat is rather distinctive and will surely stand out no matter where you are! They don’t shed much, either, but do require some grooming.

Picking a dog breed that you totally love isn’t an easy task, especially with the sheer number of breeds out there! Currently, the AKC recognizes 190, but other lists like the FCI recognize at least 360! Regardless of which list you reference, getting your perfect dog isn’t as easy as looking through a catalog for a couch or new TV. Today, we have compiled a list of dogs that all have one thing in particular: their curly hair! Many people want a curly-haired dog for its sheer cuteness and fluffy feeling. Here are some of the best types of dogs with curly hair!

Poodles, and their popular mixes, doodles, are some of the most famous curly-haired dogs on our list. Poodles come in the standard, mini, or toy designations and are known as regal and muscled dogs (they aren’t pansies, like many descriptions of them would have you believe). They are incredibly intelligent, don’t shed, and are come in lots of different sizes. The Standard Poodle is going to be the largest and strongest, while the toy poodle is going to be the smallest.

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a rather famed dog that originated in the Chesapeake Bay area of North America. They are medium to large-sized dogs that were bred to hunt and retrieve ducks in cold water. Known as “Chessie’s,” they are energetic, intelligent, and make for wonderful family dogs. They are working dogs, however, so ensuring that they get enough exercise is important.

10 Curly Haired Dog Breeds

No matter how tight or fluffy the coils are, no dog lover can resist running their hands through the fancy fur of a curly-haired dog. But these irresistible curls weren’t created by nature just for petting! They also serve as a great barrier against water. No wonder curly dog breeds have been trusted assistants for fishermen and hunters for generations. Their coats also provide a lot of warmth, which unfortunately makes some of these amazing canines unsuitable for very hot climates.

Voluminous curls, feathered furs and fluffy hair do´s these popular big-haired dog breeds look like they’ve been transported into our laps straight from the ‘80s and we couldn’t love them more for that. Here are the most amazing balls of fur proudly showing off their fabulous curls to the world.