Your Why are German Shepherds used as military dogs? Here’s What to Expect

Naturally Bred To Work

In the 1900s, a German Army Max Von Stephanitz began breeding German Shepherd dogs for police and Military works. A few years later, Max approached the German Police Department and asked if they would be interested in using a dog for work.

From that day, German Shepherds were tested for tactical works, protection, and tracking. It was a huge success and in the year 1920 to 1930 the German Shepherd was widely used for Military tasks around the world.

Perfect Body Built

Standing between 22to 26 inches high with a weight of 65 to 100 pounds, German Shepherds can do a lot of things for their master.

With all his strength, speed, athleticism, and agility, German Shepherds are able to chase and takedown criminals easily, defend other people, intimidate any attacker, carry heavy loads, run through danger, endure long hours of training, and assist comrades in doing a wide range of tasks.

Can I adopt a German Shepherd police dog?

The short answer is yes, you can, but there are some rules. On the average German Shepherd which works as a police dog, usually works around 6-8 years, after that, they are ready for retirement.

Once the time comes for that, their handler can decide should he want to adopt this dog or not. If he decides to not adopt his canine after that police officers will check does any of the crew wants to adopt that dog?

Your Why are German Shepherds used as military dogs?

If the answer is still no, then police German Shepherd dogs can be adopted out into the general public.

You must have one thing in mind, these are very well-trained dogs, and you can’t just like that adopt a K–9 dog.

To increase your chance of adopting a retired German Shepherd police dog, you must:

  • Improve your knowledge about working dogs
  • Have enough time to work with them every day
  • Learn new and improve old your training dog skills
  • Start looking for an organization that works with police dogs
  • Be persistent.
  • If your first ever pet will be a police German Shepherd dog, the chance to get approved for adopting are small, and we honestly think that this isn’t the best choice for you.

    You have already pets in your house, or have you had one in the past? Have in mind that police officers can call your vet to check if you are properly treating your previous or current pets.

    If you want to adopt a police German Shepherd just because this dog is so much cooler than other dogs, he knows the tricks, blabla… don’t even try to adopt a police dog. First, you can get in some trouble because police officers will check everything about you before you adopt a police dog, and watch you after you adopt a police dog.

    These dogs need a job, never mind if he is retired or not. If you don’t have any skills and knowledge about the dogs, please first educate yourself, and then you can try to adopt a police dog.

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    You notice that almost all police dogs are German Shepherds, and you probably ask yourself “why is it like that?”. The most popular dog breed among police officers is definitely the German Shepherd, and to discover the real answer to that question, we must travel back in time.