6 Week Boxer Puppy

Whethere you’re thinking of getting a Boxer puppy or have one already, you will wonder about your Boxer’s development.

Even if you are familiar with dogs, you still want to know how big your Boxer is going to get, when and how long it takes for your dog to be full grown.

Continue reading to find out more about your puppy’s development stages and have a look at Boxer’s growth size and weight chart.

Male Boxer Growth and Weight Chart

Age Weight
1 month 5.5 – 9 lbs
2 months 16 – 20 lbs
3 months 22 – 26 lbs
4 months 30 – 35 lbs
5 months 35 – 41 lbs
6 months 41 – 48 lbs
7 months 48 – 55 lbs
8 months 50 – 57 lbs
9 months 52 – 61 lbs
10 months 55 – 63 lbs
11 months 57 – 66 lbs
1 year 57 – 68 lbs
1.5 years old 60 – 70 lbs
2 years 60 – 70 lbs

Growth Stage: Between 8–16 weeks

Boxers are fiercely protective of their owners, so proper socialization is a necessity. “Socialization begins the moment the puppy enters their new home,” says Shames. “Boxers are very social dogs if introduced properly.”

Debra Henkle, dog trainer and owner of Vendetta Boxers in Vallejo, California, recommends owners start introductions to friendly people and pets with a few caveats. “Puppies won’t likely have all their shots until they are 16 weeks old, so make sure visitors haven’t been to places like dog parks, pet stores, vets or other spots they could have been exposed to dogs who may be sick,” she advises.

You’ll also want to enroll in the AKC Family Dog Program, because it’s a great way to socialize your pooch. “Most training clubs allow puppies as young as eight weeks old to enroll if you provide proof of the dog’s first shots, which I highly recommend,” says Henkle.

Although Boxers are short-haired dogs who are easy to keep clean, many drool, so you’ll need to get them used to basic grooming. “Using a dampened washcloth, gently wipe between the folds on the muzzle and under the dewlaps to clean up that drool,” recommends dog trainer and behaviorist Lynda Taylor of Breed Advisor. You can also wipe down their coat and paws between baths to remove any dirt, says Shames.

Most importantly, you’ll want your little Boxer puppy to associate brushes and washcloths with positive rewards like food and praise so that these grooming tools won’t seem scary, recommends dog trainer Russell Hartstein, owner of Fun Paw Care Dog Training in Los Angeles, California. “Also, get the pup used to being touched on the muzzle, toes, body, tail, and hindquarters because these are areas you’ll touch during baths and that your vet will check during exams,” he says.

6 Week Boxer Puppy

Boxers were originally bred to hunt large prey like wild boar and bison, so you don’t want them to channel their natural instincts into destructive behaviors like hunting your shoes and stealing your snacks. “Boxers are bright and energetic, so start teaching them basic obedience commands like ‘Sit,’ ‘Stay,’ and ‘Come,’ immediately after bringing them home,” advises Hartstein.

Henkle recommends consistency when it comes to training Boxers. “They love to learn but can be stubborn and respond best to reward-based positive reinforcement training,” she says. Yummy rewards like small pieces of chicken or hot dog work best. “The more you train Boxers, the better they’ll be and the less chance they’ll get bored and destructive.”

How big should a 6-month-old Boxer be?

A 6-month-old male Boxer should weigh around 41 to 48 pounds, while a 6-month-old female Boxer will weigh about 39 to 44 pounds.

According to Care.com, puppies reach about 75% of their full height at six months of age. For a male Boxer puppy, this would be around 17 to 19 inches tall. 6-month-old Female Boxer puppies will be approximately 16 to 18 inches tall.

Pro Tip: Check out this downloadable new puppy checklist covering topics like vaccination schedules, setting up the home for a new puppy, teething, veterinary visits, and more!


How much should a 6 week old Boxer eat?

3 to 8 weeks old Boxer (2 months)

Between three and eight weeks old, your Boxer pup should weigh between 6 to 7 pounds (2.5 to 3 kg) and 17 to 19 pounds (8 to 8.5 kg). When your doggo is between six and eight weeks old, they should also prepare for their first vaccinations.

What is the best age to train a Boxer puppy?

This said, there are general guidelines: Puppies usually require about 55 calories for each pound of body weight. Young pups might eat a bit over a cup a day, older pups can eat up to 3 cups a day. Adults need fewer calories per pound of body weight than their younger counterparts, about 40.