Is borrow my doggy worth it? Expert Advice

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

My experience has been very positive as a borrower. It took a few weeks to find a local “match” and have an initial meeting at a neutral venue but since then we have benefitted from weekly visits. We have been very lucky to find a lovely dog who loves to visit us, giving me the opportunity for some fun dog walks and my housebound daughter the company and joy of having a dog to make a fuss of on a regular basis.

Date of experience : January 04, 2023

Hey Alison, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We are so pleased to hear you found a wonderful pooch to visit yourself and your daughter at home. I hope you continue to make many joyful memories together. If you ever need any support or help with your account, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Best woofs, Jess @ BorrowMyDoggy

They are so spammy. I thought I would try them out but they call, email you even though you unsubscribe like 100 times and send them an email you will complain if they keep sending you email. What a weird company. Why would you be so spammy, noone benefits from it. To reply, here is my email to you on the date on Tue, Nov 29th: Tue, Nov 29, 2022, 2:07 PM to woofwoof_at_borrowmydoggy_com_sn9gkxc8ns_ee20089b I have unsubscribed 3 times and still receiving emails. I am going to make a complaint about this if I receive another communication from you again. Thanks, Ozge

Date of experience : January 04, 2023

Dear Ozge, We are sorry to read your review. We are unable to s We have now found the email you sent on the 29th of November. We deleted your account the same day in line with GDPR regulations. If you have any further accounts with us kindly provide the email address to these by contacting us via email. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected], as we are happy to help. — Update: We have been able to find an email from you from the 29th of November 2022 and your account was closed the same day in accordance with GDPR regulations, and this was confirmed via email. If you have any other accounts with us that you wish to have deleted kindly get in touch via email for us to do this for you. Best Wishes, BorrowMyDoggy

I paid to use borrow my doggy as it was the only way they allow you to message their users. After paying for a full year (as there was no clear way to pay monthly), I messaged multiple users, none who replied so I had to find my own means for dog care. When I contacted Borrow My Doggy for cancellation and a refund, it was reject as i put my contact number on messages! That is disgusting, I paid £50 to spend hours finding dog sitters on their platform just to get 0 replies and then a rejection for a refund. Looking at their t&cs they do say in their 30-day money back scheme that this is the case, but I am part of the UK laws 14-day money back scheme which this is not featured.

Date of experience : January 04, 2023

Hi Frankie, Im very sorry to read your review. We do offer a 14 and 30 day money back scheme (in accordance with UK law) for members who have been unable to find a match. When you share/exchange/receive contact details we assume that you intend to be in touch with the other member outside the website – which is why we are unable to provide you with a refund. When you sign up we inform you about the T&Cs regarding refunds and Im very sorry to hear that you do not agree with these. You have shared your phone number with 2 other members which means that you are no longer entitled to a refund. I can see that we have offered to assist you in finding a match and we are still very happy to help. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email on [email protected] Best Woofs, Isabell, BorrowMyDoggy

Unfortunately with all the will in the world and many attempts to find a match for my pup I was met with – too busy, too many dogs to walk, cant find the time. After speaking with Borrow My Doggy, saying it wasnt working and asking if I could have a refund, I was met with an email filled with copy and pasted responses saying that I can only cancel within 30 days. They say theyll try and find matches for me – Ive tried that and its not working. They say they encourage walkers to update their profiles and yet every person I have spoken to cant, or they just dont reply. Really disappointed in the service to be honest I paid money to try and improve my dogs quality of life but now Ive paid for absolutely nothing. Dont waste your money on this app – all about the money.

Date of experience : January 06, 2023

Im very sorry to read your review. We do offer a 14 day (in accordance with UK law) and our own 30 day money back scheme for members who have been unable to find a match. Im afraid when you got in touch with us, your membership was already in its second month. When you sign up we inform you about the T&Cs regarding refunds and Im very sorry to hear that you do not agree with these. I can see that my colleague took the time to understand your situation and offered to assist you in finding a match and we are still very happy to help you utilise your membership 🙂 Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email on [email protected] Best Woofs, Elyse, BorrowMyDoggy

Borrow my Doggy has been great for our cockapoo Teddy, for us and our borrowers who love having him. When we go to drop him off he rushes upstairs to them and great celebration all round. While we miss him of course, it’s great to know he will be well cared for and very happy. We have already recommended BMD to friends and relatives

Date of experience : January 01, 2023

Hey Mr Lyttle, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. Our aim is to help connect dog owners with local dog lovers, so our wonderful borrowers can help owners when they need it, which can give our wonderful pooches some more playtime, exercise or lots of cuddles and our borrowers also get to spend quality time with a dog. We call it a win-win or woof-woof situation for everyone involved. So we are thrilled to hear that you have found such a wonderful borrower, who Teddy is excited to see 🙂 If you have any questions, or feedback for us, please dont hesitate to get back in touch with us. I wish you, Teddy and your wonderful borrowers continue to make many wonderful memories together. Best woofs, Jess

It was heart warming to be able to reach out to some dog lovers, who were all so willing to help, I had lots of replies. My little dog has enough love for everyone so its been nice to be able to share her with a lovely little family in a nearby village who borrowed her. They had lots of fun with her and she enjoyed herself. I was apprehensive about joining initially but when I started communicating with dog lovers on this site it put my mind at rest.

Date of experience : December 09, 2022

Hey Paula, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We are thrilled to hear you have found it heart warming. Our community is all about helping connect dog owners such as yourself with dog lovers who are happy to help and love having a pooch in their lives. We love hearing when members connect with each other, not only do owners get a little extra support when needed, the borrowers get to experience the joy a dog brings to your life and ofcourse the wonderful pooches get to make new friends. Thank you for being a part of our pawsome community 🙂 If you ever have any questions or would like any support with your account, please dont hesitate to get in touch with us. Best woofs, Jess @ BorrowMyDoggy

Please make cancellation easier. I had to click the END MEMBERSHIP button at least 4 times, and submit various info about why I want to cancel. Don’t do this, it leaves a very poor taste and deters me from ever renewing.

Date of experience : December 31, 2022

Hey Adam, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. I have shared your feedback about our end membership process on your account directly with our product development team, we really do appreciate hearing from our members. We’re a young company and we really appreciate any feedback you can give, as wed love to be able give our members the best experience possible. I have sent a request directly through Trustpilot for your contact information so I can help support you with your account, if you have any questions or further feedback please do get in touch with us. You can also email us directly at [email protected] Best woofs, Jess

Do not use this company. They will defraud you out of any refunds, and will make it almost impossible to cancel your subscriptions. IMPORTANT INFO REGARDING REFUND SCAMS. According to the Consumers Contracts Regulations 2013 (which I will abbreviate to CCRs), BorrowMyDoggy is legally required to provide a refund to any customer who asks for one within fourteen days of purchasing premium. They do not have any right to refuse you. But they will try anyway. You see, they have a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, which promises you a refund as long as you meet certain conditions (e.g you havent messaged any contact info to other users). This is the only refund listed on their FAQ. They do mention the 14 day refund required by the CCRs (since they have to), but its hidden deep in their terms of conditions where they know you wont find it (clause 9.2, if youre interested). The scam works like this. BorrowMyDoggy will say that since you broke the terms of their 30 Day Guarantee (e.g you messaged someone with your contact information or used the sites phone line), they dont have to refund you at all, even if you made the request within 14 days. Theyre hoping you wont know theyre lying, or at least, that you wont feel confident enough to push the subject. This is illegal. If you ask for a refund within 14 days, they have to provide it. If they refuse, call your bank account and explain the situation. They will dispute the claim and get your money back. While youre there, report the company to Action Fraud (easily found on Google). Know your rights. Dont let this company scam you.

Date of experience : January 05, 2023

Hey Liam, We are very sorry to read your review. We can see that you have received assistance and clarification from our help team regarding your refund request. You have used the service and exchanged/shared/received contact details from/with other members which means that you are no longer entitled to a refund within 14, nor 30 days. To clarify and confirm, once the service has been used and there are no technical issues preventing customers from using it, members are no longer entitled to a refund regardless of being within the first 14 days. This is in line with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, as you have been deemed to have used our service. As you sent your contact details to several borrowers, this is classed as using our service, as those borrowers can now contact you directly off our platform, and as there no technical issues preventing you from using our service you are not entitled to a refund within the first 14 days. If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, as we are happy to assist and clarify further. Best Wishes, Isabell, BorrowMyDoggy

The idea is potentially good. Bringing people with free time together with dog owners to exercise or look after their pet. As a potential borrower I was interested in finding out more. However you need to create an account just to find that out. Then you are asked to subscribe to a weekly fee. Which caught me by surprise. Anyway total time a member before cancelling. Five.

Date of experience : December 15, 2022

Hey Bob, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We really appreciate your feedback, and thank you for taking the time to take a look at our community 🙂 We have free basic profiles for both borrowers and owners, so all members can take as much time as they need to create their profile, learn more about our community and see if they are any potential suitable matches in their area before upgrading to one of our annual memberships. We have an annual membership fee of £12.99 in place for borrowers, and this covers our safety checks to ensure BorrowMyDoggy remains a safe and trusted community. The annual fee also allows us to provide accident and third party liability insurance cover and a 24/7 Vet Line and helps cover our operation expenses, to keep our pawsome community up and running. I have also sent you an email with this information in, if you have any questions or feedback, please dont hesitate to get back in touch with us. Best woofs, Jess

This company ignores uk consumer rights law! I requested a refund of my annual fee within 14 days, which uk law says I am entitled to- BorrowMyDoggy refused it. I did this because of a health diagnosis that meant I had to rehome my dog. Consumer law could not be clearer- the 14 day rule applies irrespective of whether the service was used in that period. BorrowMyDoggy referred me to their own terms and conditions, which they believe trump UK law! Citizens advice are helping me now but these are not nice people!

Date of experience : December 19, 2022

Hey David, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. I am so sorry to read about your recent health diagnosis, which has meant you have been put in the difficult decision to re-home your dog. As well as being compliant with consumer law, we also offer an extended refund period up to 30 days, you can learn more about this directly from our website and all the information is laid out clearly in our Terms & Conditions. I have sent a request directly through Trustpilot for your contact information so I can help support you with your account. Hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes, Jess @ BorrowMyDoggy

This company turned on a auto renewal without telling me, they failed to send me any emails or communication about it and took money from my account. I have never even used their services. This company should legally have to email a customer before they take a payment from them to make them aware, I didn’t even realise i had a membership! I also sent this company proof i never got their auto renewal email and they still choose to not refund me. Says a lot about the company if they would rather come across as selfish than refund my 13 pounds

Date of experience : December 18, 2022

Hi Holly, We are sorry to read your review. We are very sorry to hear that you didnt see the email we sent 7 days before payment was taken. We want to make sure that all members are happy with their BorrowMyDoggy membership, so we also provide instructions on how to deactivate your membership renewal if you’d prefer. I have checked our system and it appears it was successfully delivered to you. Please check your email settings to make sure that you have not marked our emails as spam, and check your spam/junk folder as depending on your email provider these emails sometimes end up in there. We can see that you are already in touch with our help team which have informed you about the auto-renewal and the email reminder sent out to you 7 days prior to the renewal. We are unable to see that theyve denied a refund but simply informed you about the terms you have signed up with. The representative that you are in touch with will get back to you shortly regarding your reply. We would once again recommend you to check your email settings and junk/spam folder. Best Woofs, Isabell, BorrowMyDoggy

Terrible customer service. Very hard to get a refund if you want to cancel the next years subscription. Not a great company to deal with, they send copy and paste replies, dont listen and basically tell you youre lying. After a back and forth they did tell me they would make an exception in my case but luckily I had already raised it with PayPal and they automatically refunded me. (Paypal understand good customer service so if you do use Borrow My Doggy pay through Paypal and not direct)

Date of experience : December 14, 2022

Hi Helen, We are very sorry to read your review. We are sorry to hear that you missed the renewal email 7 days prior to the renewal. We sent this email 7 days prior to the renewal date to make sure that you are able to cancel the renewal if you are no longer interested, unfortunately this has not been done from your end which is why the renewal has gone ahead as planned. We can see that you have been assisted and indeed been provided with a refund, however prior to being able to provide you with a refund we need to request a bit of information from you and some feedback. We are sorry to hear that you have been offended by this. If you need any further assistance please dont hesitate to get in touch with us via email. Best Woofs, BorrowMyDoggy

Paid the year subscription upfront for our foster dog, she’s now being adopted after being registered on it for less than one month. In that time I had one contact with whom I shared my details with but never met. She did not share her details with me. Because of this I am not entitled to a refund of the remaining 11 months subscription. Rip off. Steer clear.

Date of experience : December 09, 2022

Hey S Wheeler, Thanks for getting in touch with us. The way that BorrowMyDoggy works is that we are an online community that connects dog owners to local dog-lovers to help them take care of their pooch, and this can be for anything from walkies and playdates, to sleepovers and happy holidays. If you’re not happy with your experience BorrowMyDoggy offers a 30 day money back guarantee to all of our lovely members, who have tried to use the service, but it hasnt worked for them. If you havent given, received, exchanged contact details or met with anyone via our website after messaging to arrange a ‘Welcome Woof’, then we are happy to refund you. This is confirmed in the Terms & Conditions that upon sign up, you confirmed you read, understood and agreed to them. I have sent a request through to Trustpilot for contact details so I can support you with your account, you can also email us at [email protected], I am confident one of our wonderful help team will be able to assist you. Best woofs, Jess @ BorrowMyDoggy

Like most people you start of very dubious, but safe to say I have had a fantastic experience after being recommended to try borrow my doggy. Ive met such a lovely girl similar age to me and her and my dog get on so well its such a big help to me! The fact that you pay for premium actually gives you that security to know that people are serious. The borrower I found had a dog for year that she recently lost and she works from home so she gets the company and companionship whilst I get the help!

Date of experience : December 09, 2022

Hey Emilia, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We are so very pleased to here you are having a fantastic experience 🙂 We are all about bringing like minded people together, who share a love for our furry friends and it sounds like yourself, your borrower and of-course your wonderful pooch are all feeling the benefits. We wish you the very best for the future, and if you would ever like any support with your account, please dont hesitate to get back in touch with us. Best woofs, Jess @ BorrowMyDoggy

I enjoy taking other peoples dogs for a walk, its good fun. As a company, BorrowMyDoggy offer a first-class service introducing members to each other, its also very informative, and has regular updates.

Date of experience : December 16, 2022

Hey Robin, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We think it is a win win situation, the owner gets a helping a hand, the borrower gets the fun and joy of walking their pooch and most importantly the pooches are making new friends too 🙂 I am so pleased to hear your feedback about our community and service, we hope you continue enjoying being a part of our pawsome community. If you would like any help or support with your account, please dont hesitate to get in touch with us, we are always happy to help. Best woofs, Jess @ BorrowMyDoggy

We used to use a rival company but it was 4 x the price of Borrow My Doggy and so much work. Borrow My Doggy sends you the people in your area and a quick message from me has secured a great, local sitter whom we have used twice to stay in our home. I cannot recommend it enough. Great value and not a huge fee, at all

Date of experience : November 12, 2022

Hi Sally, Thanks for your wonderful review! We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying BorrowMyDoggy and that you find our service easy to use :). We are delighted to hear that you have found a local borrower for your dog/s and we can guarantee that the borrower/s love to spend time with your dog/s. Best Woofs and Tail-Wags, Isabell, BorrowMyDoggy

Borrow my doggy is amazing, I have met 4 lovely dogs and owners through the website, its fab as I dont have a dog, cant commit to come but through this website I manage to still have interaction with dogs without the tie of actually having a dog. I would through rally recommend the website and paying to join, its well worth it from a borrowers point of view and an owners point of view.

Date of experience : August 01, 2022

Hi R Kelly, Thanks for your wonderful 5-star review! We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying BorrowMyDoggy, and we are sure that your new furry friends and their owners are delighted to have met you! Thanks for being such a pawsome part of our community! Best Woofs, BorrowMyDoggy

You borrow someone’s dog! It’s a little like online dating as you choose a dog or an owner chooses you. It’s all above board and paying an annual fee allows you to interact using secure messaging. I have become a Tuesday doggy mum and look forward to walking and spending time with my new doggy chum. It’s a great idea and works well if you can’t have a dog if your own or you would like your dog to have more walks and company.

Date of experience : November 25, 2022

Hey Julie, Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a review. What wonderful news! So pleased to hear you have become a doggy mum 🙂 Our community is all about connecting dog owners and dog borrowers together, and this could not be possible without members like yourself, so a very big welcome and thank you from all of us here. If you ever would like any help or support with your account, please dont hesitate to get in touch with us. Best woofs, Jess @ BorrowMyDoggy

What is the point of having a basic membership when I cant send or respond to borrowers messages? I really dislike when businesses are trying to lure customers in on false pretences. Just say your service is paid and be upfront about it.

Date of experience : December 04, 2022

Hi, Thanks for your review! We’re sorry if it wasn’t clear that we have an annual membership fee. We share this information throughout our website, including on the Membership page. It’s free to sign-up and create a profile because we want our members to check there are other members in their area before they choose a membership. The membership fee includes our 24/7 Vet Line, accident and third party liability insurance protection. The fee also helps to cover our safety checks. All members must complete the process before they can start messaging to ensure our community remains safe and trusted. Once members have completed this they can contact an unlimited number of members, and meet with as many members as they believe will be a suitable match for them/their dog. After that, there are no other fees involved. Our aim at BorrowMyDoggy is to make a pawsitive impact on the lives of dogs and people by building local dog loving communities and understand the importance in the insurance and safety checks. If you wish to provide further feedback or have any questions you can get in touch with us via email on [email protected], as we are happy to help! Best Woofs, BorrowMyDoggy

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Creating a profile on Borrow My Doggy is free – you can upload photos of yourself, write about why you want to borrow doggies, plus browse the dogs in your area! If you want to contact an owner to borrow their dog, however, you have to pay for an annual membership. By doing so you become a Premium member – owners and borrowers without Premium membership cannot use the messaging system, as only by becoming a Premium member are both parties covered by Borrow My Doggy’s insurance. Premium membership is marked with a little crown on your profile, which makes it easy to see which owners you can contact when looking for doggies to borrow. We paid £12.99 for a year of membership as dog borrowers, which we feel is worth every penny! A current preview of our Borrow My Doggy profile

From our experience, both in Brighton and Sevenoaks, we’ve only come across one minor flaw with Borrow My Doggy. In our opinion, there should be a tick box on an owner’s profile to indicate whether they’re actually in need of someone to borrow their dog at the time. Which leads us to our biggest piece of advice when using BMD: Message more than one person! When contacting owners in Sevenoaks we quickly remembered this strategy, as upon checking our inbox we realised we’d only received replies from 50% of the owners we’d messaged in Brighton – even though they all had premium membership. BMD currently doesn’t offer monthly membership, leading to lots of owners who, we suppose, have needed borrowers earlier in the year but are no longer looking. In Sevenoaks, we’ve so far contacted five owners: One of whom we’ve met (more on that below!), another who messaged to arrange a meeting but has since gone quiet, another who said they didn’t need anyone right now, and the other two haven’t got back to us at all. You might have your heart set on borrowing a cute Pug but it doesn’t always work out that way, and you’re better off going into the process with an open mind – being willing to look after any breed as long as you’re comfortable with the dog and their availability. A handful of the doggies in our area on Borrow My Doggy!

It’s worth mentioning that every Borrow My Doggy situation is different. When we lived in Brighton, two of the owners we were in contact with would drop their dogs to us on their way to work, or an event, when arranged. Another dog we borrowed lived just around the corner from us, and the owner gave us a key to her flat so we could easily pop round (with permission!) to take Bella for walkies if they would be out for the day.

Living in Brighton in 2017, the last time we had a place of our own, we joined Borrow My Doggy as a way to bring some fluffy joy into our lives. Chris was working 9-5, while Suze was having a difficult time managing her anxiety disorder and she struggled to leave the house each day. Meeting local dog owners not only gave her the opportunity to meet new people, but walking dogs gave her a reason to leave the house and get some fresh air (even if just for the dog to go for a wee!) and most of the time she didn’t realise she’d managed to get outside until she was halfway around the park. We looked after a variety of dogs, from a sleepy Greyhound to an energetic PugxStaff, and two rescue terriers who we still occasionally pet-sit three years after first meeting them! With a couple of our borrowed doggies in Brighton

Can you pay monthly for BorrowMyDoggy?

Currently there isn’t an option to pay monthly. The annual fee is £12.99 for borrowers and £44.99 for owners. This cost includes:

  • Verification process
  • Accident and Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Unlimited messages
  • borrow my Doggy