Aafco Approved Dog Food

Is there an AAFCO Nutrient Profile for All Life Stages?

The only two AAFCO nutrient profiles are Adult Maintenance and Growth and Reproduction. Dog food manufacturers can develop and market a product as suitable for all life stages, though.

Similarly, foods that fit into the Growth and Reproduction nutrient profile may state they are formulated for puppies or gestational mothers.

Does the FDA Regulate Pet Food?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) makes sure that the ingredients used in pet food are safe and have a purpose in pet food.

Some ingredients, like meat, poultry, and grains, are deemed safe. Other substances, like vitamins, minerals, flavorings, and preservatives, may be generally recognized as safe for an intended use. The FDA also regulates specific claims such as “low magnesium.”

The FDA requires that pet food packaging include:

  • Proper identification of the product
  • Net quantity
  • Name and location of the manufacturer/distributor
  • Proper listing of all ingredients
  • Ingredients must be displayed in order of the largest amount to least amount by weight.

    States may have their own regulations as well. Many states follow models based on AAFCO recommendations.

    Does AAFCO Test Pet Foods or Regulate Pet Food Ingredients?

    AAFCO does NOT directly test, regulate, approve, or certify pet foods to make sure that they meet the standard requirements. Instead, they establish guidelines for ingredient definitions, product labels, feeding trials, and laboratory analyses of the nutrients that go into pet foods.

    Pet food companies then use third-party testing agencies to analyze their foods according to the AAFCO guidelines.

    AAFCO guidelines for pet food labels include:

  • Product and brand name
  • Species of animal that the food is intended for
  • Net quantity
  • Guaranteed analysis
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutritional adequacy statement (complete and balanced statement)
  • Feeding directions
  • Name and location of the manufacturer
  • FAQ

    What dog foods are AAFCO approved?

    What pet foods are AAFCO-approved? In short, AAFCO does not approve, certify or otherwise endorse pet foods. There is no AAFCO-approved pet food. Most state feed laws and regulations reference to the AAFCO Official Publication as part of the nutritional adequacy labeling for pet foods.

    Is Purina dog food AAFCO approved?

    All of Purina’s dog food products meet or exceed AAFCO’s nutrient profile standards, so you can feel confident knowing your dog is eating a complete and balanced diet. Explore all our dog foods and don’t miss out on other dog nutrition articles.

    What is the AAFCO statement on dog food?

    The AAFCO Model Pet food Regulations recognize the intended purpose of treat products and do not require that pet treats meet standard nutritional adequacy requirements, provided the product’s packaging conspicuously displays the terms “snack” or “treat” on its principal display panel.