All Black Pitbull Puppy

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This leads to some important points about the physicality and personality of these dogs.

There will be some physical differences in the pigmentation of the dogs, and the black pitbull eye color may be darker than some other pitbulls, but the size and shape is pretty much the same.

The same goes with the personality. Pitbulls are products of their environment more than their genetics.

Train and love a black pit with all your heart and attention and they will be just as loyal, gentle and well-behaved as any other dog. At the same time, neglect in any form could lead to bad behavior, just as with other colors.

There are lots of different colors of pitbulls out there, as different genes mix to form some interesting variations.

The all-black pitbull is one of the more striking, but it might not be as rare as some pitbull lovers are lead to believe.

In some cases, breeders may lead newcomers on with ideas that a fully black pit is difficult to come by, and therefore should cost more money.

There are also those that say that they have a black pitbull for sale, but pretend that it is a more desirable blue.

This issue of black pitbull breeders leads to two important points: cost and reputation.

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Are black pitbulls that different from other colored dogs?

When we talk about pitbull colors, we tend to talk about the main coat colors and the red nose and blue nose dogs.

Consistent breeding of pitbulls across the long black pitbull history has created a strong family pet that comes in more patterns and colors than many would expect.

This is one of the benefits of a non-AKC breed. Breeders breed for size, build and temperament and color is sometimes an afterthought.

There are examples of pitbull colors where this isn’t the case, such as rarer variants that may bring in more money.

Still, few are deliberately breeding all-black pits because of the color.

There is a misconception among some people that the black dog is more aggressive than something like a black and white pitbull, and that dog fighters deliberate create black dogs for this purpose.

The truth is that color doesn’t matter – dog fighters just want a loyal, strong dog that they can train up and abuse.

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Finding the right pitbull breeder that offers pups at the right cost

As you have seen above, there are many different reasons for breeding a black pitbull dog.

Some will have the best interests of the dog in mind here, while others are more concerned with profit or high numbers of litters.

All new owners looking for a pit pup for the home need should take the time to meet the breeders, puppies and parents before choosing a pup to bring home. This is beneficial for a number of reasons.

First of all, you can see the true color and markings of the animals sold, and not base a decision from photos alone.

Secondly, you can learn about the health and upbringing of the dog, to see whether they are cared for and have any key issues.

Thirdly, you can see the stock they are bred from and the temperament and genes that may be passed on.

As for the black pitbull cost, this is sure to vary from breeder to breeder. Don’t pay too much for a “rarity”, but don’t look at the cheaper pups either.


Are all black pitbulls rare?

Black Pitbulls can vary in price, and depending on the bloodlines, they will cost anywhere between $2,000 and $20,000.

What are the three types of pitbull?

Among all of these, the most sought after is the black color because people think that they are quite rare. Unfortunately, black Pitbulls are very common. They are not as rare as white Pitbulls and what the American Pitbull Registry considers as the rarest variety, which is the Merle.