American Bully Food Chart

The American Bully Feeding Chart: How Much To Feed?

There are a few guidelines that can help you out if you are struggling with deciding how much to feed your dog. American Bully dogs are muscular dogs that need a lot of attention when feeding. They need the right amount of food and exercise in order to develop optimal body structure.

American Bully Food Chart

Body Condition Score or BCS is a measure of a dog’s ideal weight. It has nine degrees which describe a dog’s physical appearance.

1 to 2 – the dog is underweight. There is a loss of body fat and muscle mass.

It is the reason you can see the dog’s ribs, pelvic bones, and lumbar vertebrae through the skin from a distance.

3 to 4 – the dog is considered thin. The top of the lumbar vertebrae is visible and when touching, you can feel ribs.

Pelvic bones are prominent and the waist and abdominal tuck are obvious.

5 – is the ideal BCS. There is no excess fat on the ribs.

The abdominal tuck can be seen from the side and so can the waist when viewed above.

6 to 7 – the dog is considered fat. There is quite a large amount of fat over the ribs, lumbar area, and the base of the tail.

The waist is not prominent. The abdominal tuck might be seen.

8 to 9 – at this level, the dog is obese. There are large amounts of fat all over the ribs, spine, thorax, and base of tail.

The dog has a fat neck and limbs with swelling in the abdominal region so the abdominal tuck cannot be seen.

Weight (lbs.) Amount of food per day (cups)
20-30 1 1/2 – 1 3/4
30-40 1 3/4 – 2 1/4
40-60 2 1/4 – 3
60-80 3 – 3 1/2

To keep your dog fit – not too fat and not too thin – one can calculate the optimal number of calories your American Bully needs to take in to maintain a healthy weight.

The total number of calories is multiplied RER (Resting Metabolic Requirement expressed as a weight in kg with potency 3/4) with 70, after that the product is squared.

This is very helpful if you are trying to make an American Bully feeding chart.

Best Puppy Food For American Bully

ORIGEN Grain-Free Dry Food is the best food for your American Bully puppy because it provides them with enough nourishment that they need for growth and development.

Puppies do well when they are on a diet that is biologically appropriate for them. This diet should include fat and protein from various animal ingredients.

This dry puppy food features raw or fresh free-run turkey and chicken, sustainably farmed or wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs.

Formulated with the most succulent and nutrient-dense parts of the prey, this puppy food is made with WholePrey animal ingredients including bone and organs, providing 85% animal ingredients that are high in quality.

This food is coated with wag-worthy raw flavor that dogs love and is freeze-dried.

  • Contain premium animal ingredients.
  • A great source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.
  • Helps puppies struggling with weight and adjust to the food.
  • Helps with keeping the coat and skin shiny.
  • Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy Dog Food

    Start your American Bully puppy on the right part by feeding them the Purina Farm-Raised Chicken Dry food.

    This high-protein puppy food contains great ingredients including real, farm-raised chicken and a blend of carrots and peas to provide wholesome goodness to support your growing puppy.

    Purina Beneful features plenty of calcium, DHA, 29g protein, vitamins, and minerals.

    The kibble is bite-size which is great for your puppy’s mouth. Additionally, this puppy food is loaded with a crunchy texture and great taste that excites your puppy every mealtime.

  • Supports strong muscles that your puppy needs to play, jump, and explore the world.
  • Promotes strong teeth and bones.
  • Promotes healthy vision and brain development.
  • Not suitable if your puppy is a picky eater.
  • FAQ

    What Should I Feed My American Bully?

    Large dogs need to be fed at least between 2 ½ and 4 cups of food per day, and sometimes more than that. Doggies weighing in between 51 and 75 pounds need between 2 ½ – 3 ⅓ cups of food per day. Cute canines weighing in between 76 and 100 pounds will need to eat 3 ⅓ to 4 cups of food each day.