Are Apple Stores dog friendly? A Step-by-Step Guide

Dogs Should be Leashed

First, all dogs should be leashed while inside the store. This is for the safety of both your dog and the other customers in the store. When a dog is leashed, it won’t be able to get away and cause mischief as easily. It’s important that dogs are always leashed before you enter the store.

Service Animals

Service animals are a whole other category of animal than pet dogs and emotional support animals. Service animals are specially trained to perform certain tasks for their disabled handlers such as helping them with balance, opening doors, or picking up dropped items.

Service animals are protected by the ADA, which means that they are allowed in all public places, including Apple stores.

There are not really any rules that the Apple store has that would apply to service animals.

Stores Whose Pet-Policy Varies By Location

Are Apple Stores dog friendly?

With wide aisles and plenty of space to move around, Home Depot is pretty much a dog-loving shopper’s dream. They’re so well-known for being dog-friendly, you can find SO many adorable pics from pet parents in their stores! However, when we reached out to Home Depot they did clarify that the decision is left up to the individual store owner as to whether well-behaved pets are allowed to shop with you, so please call ahead to check.

Are Apple Stores dog friendly?

Sephora is the world’s largest beauty retailer and the best place to stock up on all the lipsticks, eyeliners, and face masks your little heart desires. Some locations can also be great places to shop with your pup! When we reached out to Sephora, they let us know that it’s best to call your local store ahead of time to ask if that location is pet-friendly.

Are Apple Stores dog friendly?

LUSH Cosmetics is well-known in the industry for their cruelty-free lines of beauty products. They love animals, and it shows in how they treat dogs! We reached out to LUSH and they let us know that it’s best to contact your individual location for their store pet policies, but they did mention it’s not usually a problem because they do love dogs!

Are Apple Stores dog friendly?

Barnes & Noble is a great place to sit, relax, and curl up with a good book. And sometimes that can include your pup! The pet policy on their website says that service dogs are always welcome, but if you’re wanting to spend a rainy afternoon reading to your non-service dog, then you’re going to want to call ahead and ask if your location is pet-friendly.

What stores are pet friendly?

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Pet parents, rejoice — you won’t have to leave your pup in the car (which can be dangerous!) or at home on your next shopping trip if you plan to visit one of these pet-friendly stores.

While not every store in existence will allow your fuzzy friend to come inside, it’s always good to know about the ones that do so you can plan accordingly.

I’ve got the full list of which stores allow pets and how you can find other pet-friendly businesses near you, as well.

Keep in mind that pet policies between locations may vary since each store follows their own local health codes. You’ll need to contact the stores near you to confirm their specific policies about bringing non-service animals inside.