Are bone marrow bones good for dogs? A Complete Guide

Proper Chow Down of Marrow Bones

Not only is it important as a pet owner to take the time to observe your dog in action while they chew to note how they enjoy doing this, but in order to understand their eating habits better and hopefully add some value to them.

Never Feed Your Dog Cooked Bones

Bones are generally available two ways, raw or cooked. Cooked bones are extremely hard and should never be offered to dogs for a number of reasons—unless you love taking your dog to the vet! Among these reasons include:

  • They are very likely to break teeth
  • They can splinter and become extremely sharp, risking trauma or even perforation to the tissues of the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, or intestines
  • They are poorly digested when swallowed, which can lead to an intestinal obstruction
  • Bones with a large enough central hole can become stuck on the lower jaw as a dog tries to enthusiastically lick out the center!
  • He told City News, “You see it quite frequently. They’ll come in with these marrow bones wrapped around their lips and lower jaw.”

    The vet who treated Ginger, Dr. Jonathan Bloom, revealed that it wasn’t uncommon for dog owners to bring their dogs into his clinic with similar issues: having marrow bones stuck on their jaws.

    Dr. Bloom, along with other vets, cautioned pet owners to be wary about feeding bone marrows to their dogs. Not only can the bones break teeth, but they can also split and cause serious digestive problems to them as well.

    In order to get the bones loose, the vets need to put the dogs under anesthesia in order to hopefully manage to wriggle them off. If that technique doesn’t work, then they have to resort to sawing them off. Dr. Bloom did reveal that this was the first time that his team had been assisted by firefighters with their Dremel saw.

    It actually is a pretty serious problem – one that vets are seeing more, and more of these days.

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