Are catahoulas good family dogs? A Complete Guide

Are Catahoulas Protective of Their Owners?

One of the reasons that the Catahoula Leopard Dog is so popular is because they are so loyal to their owners. This loyalty manifests itself as your dog being overly protective of their pack or family.

They tend to be extremely wary of strangers and will go to great lengths to defend their owners if they feel it is justified.

Sometimes, their protective instincts can go too far though. A dog who has not been properly socialized as a puppy will be too wary of strangers.

You may find that your dog acts aggressively toward anyone who enters your home, including extended family members, the postal worker, or a friend. They need time to warm up to new people before being welcoming.

Catahoula’s are Not Good with Other Pets

For many families, having one pet is simply not enough. They may want to have both a dog and a cat or multiple dogs. The Catahoula’s prey drive and need for dominance can make it extremely difficult for them to get along with other animals in the home.

Some of this behavior can be handled through early socialization and correction. If you get your Catahoula as a puppy, start to socialize them with other animals right away.

Be sure to monitor all their interactions closely, and keep them on leash in the beginning to prevent aggression.

Even with lots of socialization, your Catahoula may never be able to go to the dog park safely. They simply do not do well with other animals in many situations.

Diet and Nutrition

Always have fresh water available for your dog. And feed a high-quality canine diet that is nutritionally balanced. It’s typical to give two measured meals per day to avoid overfeeding. But you should always discuss both the amount and type of diet with a vet. Likewise, be mindful of treats and other extra food to prevent excess weight gain.

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