Are cats easier to take care of than dogs? Expert Advice

1 Cat Bites are not Half as Dangerous as Dog Bites

Dog bites have dramatically risen in number and severity in the past four decades. The average number of people dying from dog bites every year is 35. Even mild dog bites cause pain, injury and a huge risk of infection.

Cats do not pursue people to bite them and their bites cause mild pain. However, cat bites can be infectious.

Cats Quietly Creep Around the House

A cat will accept when you have to leave the house. On the other hand, most dogs get upset and destructive. This fact alone should override the contribution that dogs have made to human lives.

Cats can easily entertain themselves and cater to their needs on their own.

You have to clean up dog poop by picking it up yourself. Cats can do their business in the litter box that is easy to clean. Also, it is much easier to potty train cats than it is for dogs. Most dogs often need a professional training.

What should I do with my cat when I go on holiday?

If you go away on holiday you also need to consider who is going to look after your cat. If you are only away for a day or two you can ask a neighbour to pop in and feed it and check it is OK. If you are away for more than this you may want to consider a boarding cattery, as many cats may wander looking for company. If you have a nervous cat it may hide when the feeder comes and he or she may not be able to be sure that everything is all right. A good boarding cattery will keep your cat safe and you can relax while you are away. There are bad boarding catteries however. How to choose a good boarding cattery

Top 10 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Dogs

The majority of the pet people population (is that a thing?) believe that cats are some of the easiest pets to share life with. Cats have a reputation of being aloof and simple. In fact, many will adopt a cat as a “test pet” when considering animal companionship. However, being a cat parent is much harder than one may think. Other than the fact that you don’t have to walk your cat, dogs are easier than cats to care for, in my humble opinion.

Sure, cats will seem like an easy companion if you simply “own” them, but if you want to welcome your kitty as part of your family you’ll need to understand the complexity of kitties. As cat parents of 6, we sometimes get overwhelmed with how much care our kitties need.