Are dehydrated bones safe for dogs? Find Out Here

#2 A High Amount of Protein

Dehydrated chicken bones treat offer numerous benefits to your dogs. As part of their natural diet, Dehydrated Chicken Bones provide dogs with natural fibre, among other nutrients. They are an excellent source of protein and niacin.

Risks We Accept When Feeding Bones to Our Dogs

All bones – raw, air-dried, freeze-dried, dehydrated, smoked – pose a risk to dogs and if anyone tells you otherwise, theyre incorrect, in my opinion. We cant always anticipate how each dog will respond to a bone or chew.

Bones can crack/break teeth, puncture the esophagus or digestive tract, cause an impaction in the digestive tract, or cause our dogs to choke. The risk of these things happening is based on our individual dogs and on the bone/chew were feeding to our dogs. My point isnt to shame or blame anyone who has had a bad experience; instead, take this as a warning that there is a real risk despite what brands may say about their products. This is something raw feeders understand, but people who dont feed raw may not be aware of these risks.

I avoid the weight-bearing bones of large animals (the leg bones of cows, for example) because I think theyre too hard. A bone needs to be strong to support a 2,000-pound animal. But avoiding weight-bearing bones doesnt mean that our dogs wont crack a tooth. Antlers are also too hard for my dogs; they seem like a great idea for long chewing, but my dogs arent gnawing on them gently, theyre trying to devour them, chewing them harder to break them down which can end with a cracked tooth.

Of course, if a dog has poor dental health, then the risk of a broken or cracked tooth increases.

The Facts of Dehydrated Chicken Bones Dog Treats

Dehydrated treats like our Dehydrated Chicken Bones are dried rather than cooked. So they will break when chewed, rather than splinter like cooked, brittle bones. This makes them a safe, natural treat for dogs. In addition to their safety, long-lasting dehydrated bones offer entertainment to your dog as they work to chew it. This chewing also provides dental benefits, as the hard dehydrated bones help clean your dogs teeth.

Are dehydrated bones safe for dogs?

All chicken bones are 100% natural treats that are free of harmful chemicals—absolutely no additives or preservatives.

All Chicken Bones are slowly dried to ensure optimal nutritional retention while eliminating the risk of dangerous pathogens usually found in raw meat. Plus, they are single ingredients and 100% natural chicken bones that are free of harmful chemicals.

You dont need to require refrigeration. Dehydration removes moisture, which allows you to stock up on high quantities without the worry of ever getting mould.

This is also a 100% Canadian made treat sourced from pure Canadian poultry from a human-grade facility. It makes chicken bones more delicious, crunchy, and suitable for all breeds.

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Chicken treats offer numerous benefits to your dogs. As part of their natural diet, Dehydrated Chicken Bones provide dogs with natural fibre, among other nutrients. At Loyalty Dog Treats, we offer two types of dehydrated chicken bones: Chicken Necks and Chicken Feet.

Never Feed Heat-Treated Bones!

Yes! Dehydrated bones are a great option for dogs and cats. They can also be a great introduction to chewing fresh raw bones for some dogs. Dehydrated bones should be supervised when feeding. Gulping or swallowing without chewing properly is the biggest concern here. Always read and follow the label.

We do not recommend smoked bones. There are some reputable options available for consumers but most smoked bones contain nitrates (preservatives). Another big concern as well is that many smoked bones available in today’s pet food stores are made in China. Similarly to the jerky treat concerns from China, smoked bones are not something we would suggest offering regularly to your pet. If you do offer your pet a smoked treat, we suggest looking for a locally made or artisan smoked bone that would offer some guarantee that it is a high quality treat.