Are Dog Clippers The Same As Human Hair Clippers

When you are desperate to get your dog’s hair trimmed or shaved, without having to pay a dog groomer to do the job, it can be tempting to use the human clippers you have lying around. The idea of purchasing an entire new set of grooming tools for your dog might leave you wondering, “Can you cut dog hair with human clippers?”

Human clippers use smaller, finer blades that cut closer to the skin, while dog clippers use thicker, longer blades which are designed to move through coarser hair and don’t get so close to the skin.

Pet clippers accommodate the aforementioned different types of hair with variable-speed motors and interchangeable blades. High speeds up to 5,000 strokes per minute give a smooth sheen for finishing the cut. Lower speeds allow the groomer to work on tender areas such as face and feet while creating less heat and vibration.

Clipper blades for human hair have finer teeth. Many clippers come with a standard blade in size No. 000, which clips hair 0.2 millimeters — 0.008 inches — away from the scalp. Such a fine blade would get caught up in a pets hair, pulling it. Many pet clippers come with a No. 10 blade, which leaves hair 1/16 inch from the pets body. Both hair and pet clipper blades come in fine tooth or skip tooth varieties.

A haircut with human clippers can take just a few minutes when executed by an experienced barber. The clippers are then shut off to cool down before the next customer takes the chair. Clipping a pets entire body can be a much longer endeavor, so pet clippers are designed for longer use without overheating or getting hot in the groomers hand. The motors have baffles to help reduce both vibration and sound. This not only reduces the fear factor for skittish dogs, but keeps the groomers hand from tiring as easily.

Just as you would not use pet clippers for hair on a human, you would also not use human clippers on pets. Dont cut corners by using a tool made for something else to do double-duty as a pet grooming tool. Choosing between dog grooming clippers vs. human clippers is key. Get the right tool for the job, and your dog will thank you.

Grooming combs fit over the blade to deliver an even cut. Pet combs designed to cut from 1/16 inch to 2 inches are common in a dog groomers clipper kit. Combs designed for human clippers generally are 1 inch or less. For longer-haired dogs, or those susceptible to matting, try a de-matting comb. Scissors and grooming shears are also a must-have item in any groomers toolkit.


The motor of clippers meant for humans quickly takes the hair off of the head, shaving it down according to the clip length. They have large motors to get the job down smoothly and reduce the number of strokes needed.

For dogs, full-body grooming for dogs with thick, long hair takes a more concentrated effort than on a human. The motor of human clippers is not meant for this prolonged use and can quickly result in overheating.

A dog clipper has a less aggressive motor, allowing for more prolonged use and creating a softer noise. It also reduces the heavy vibrations common in human clippers. Since a dog’s skin is so sensitive, the vibrations can damage the skin and cause the dog pain.

Blade Types

The blades that come with human clippers are vastly different than those for a dog. The adjustment is made to accommodate the different types of material getting cut.

Human hair tends to be much thinner and lighter than dog hair. The blade teeth are designed to be close together, only requiring one or two passes over each part of the head.

The blade teeth for a dog get spaced with wide gaps between every two teeth. The spacing between the prongs helps prevent the clipper from getting caught in thick fur and stopping painful pulling.

Are Dog Clippers The Same As Human Hair Clippers