Are Dogs Allowed In Asda

You are not allowed to take or carry your dog into Asda stores. The only exception to this rule on the Asda dog policy is if your dog is a service or guide dog helping you due to a disability. Asda is not dog friendly in the traditional sense, and as to date has no plans to change their policy.

Does UK Law Ban Dogs In Asda?

There is no law or health and safety regulations that ban dogs from being allowed to enter Asda, or any other supermarket where food and drink are sold.

We can see this referenced on the Dog Laws UK page over at Blue Cross:

Here are some points of note:

  • Whether dogs are allowed is at the discretion of the estbalishment or business.
  • Dogs cannot enter areas where food is prepared, so this would be in places like kitches (as referenced), cafes, or bakeries.
  • For Asda specifically, and in reference to point one above, they have taken the decision not to allow dogs.

    Can I Carry My Dog In ASDA?

    You might be wondering if it’s okay to take your dog into ASDA stores if you carry the doggo in a bag or in your purse.

    After all, the dog won’t be able to get into the fresh foods.

    Unfortunately, ASDA doesn’t allow dogs carried into the store.

    It doesn’t matter how small your pupper is, you still cannot bring him into any ASDA store.

    How long can you legally leave a dog alone UK?

    The length of time a dog can be left alone depends on the individual dog but we advise that they are left for no longer than four hours so they have opportunities to exercise, go to the toilet, and spend time with people.


    Which UK stores allow dogs?

    Dog-friendly shops

    Many big names on the high street welcome dogs in their shops. This includes John Lewis, the Apple store, Cath Kidston, Harrods, Lush and Selfridges (in limited departments). This list is likely to be much longer, as being ‘dog-friendly’ is a personal rather than legal decision.

    Can you take a dog into a supermarket UK?

    In the UK, there is no specific law surrounding dogs in shops. For most types of businesses, including pubs, department stores and supermarkets, it is entirely down to the discretion of the owner.

    Can a dog go in a supermarket?

    Sadly though, no major grocery store chains allow pets inside, unless they are service animals.

    Are dogs allowed in Sainsburys?

    Absolutely! Assistance dogs are welcome in all our stores and petrol stations.