Are Dogs Allowed In Harbor Freight

These are common questions to ask yourself if you frequently take your dog out with you and don’t want to leave him in the car while you shop.

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the stores that allow dogs in the US!

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Chuys serves traditional Tex-Mex favorites in an eclectic, funky dining atmosphere that welcomes dogs in the dedicated pet area just off the patio.

dogs are not permitted on the patio, but the shaded pet area is right beside it for easy viewing.

Are pets allowed in Costco? Costco is considered relatively pet-friendly, as it complies with the regulations of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and service dogs are welcomed into their warehouses. The store does not allow the presence of pets or emotional support animals (ESA).

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Top Stores That Allow Dogs in the US

FYI, this list of dog-friendly stores in the US is handy even if you don’t usually take your pooch with you everywhere you go.

Case in point: we used to travel about 30 minutes away to go to our vet. He was a really good vet with amazing prices, it was worth the trip! Sadly, he’s not with us anymore, and we found a vet closer to home, but I digress.

On the way home from the vet, we passed pretty much every major store that you could ever need to shop at.

There were so many times that I needed something from a home improvement store but didn’t know if Menards was dog-friendly, or times when I wanted to just pop into the craft store to pick up some supplies for my son, but didn’t want to leave my pooch in the car.

So, like I said, even if you don’t constantly tote Tiger along, you might want to keep this list of pet-friendly stores in the US handy for those times that you do travel with your pup!

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Pet stores are the most obvious pet-friendly stores in the US.

Pretty much every major pet retailer, including PetSmart, PetCo, and Pet Supplies Plus, will allow you to bring your leashed dog into the store.

It makes sense because most of these larger retailers also offer grooming and training services, and some even offer veterinarian services.

Smaller local pet stores are also typically dog-friendly, but you might want to call ahead to double check.

Very small shops may not have enough room to allow dogs to strut their stuff, so they could ban them entirely or just allow small dogs. It’s not because they don’t want your dog in the store, but rather because space doesn’t allow it.

Home Depot & Menard’s: Here’s the answer to your question of “Is Menards dog friendly?” For the most part, these home improvement stores are almost always dog friendly stores in the US. Not only can you grab everything you need to build a new dog house, you can take you dog with you to help pick out the materials.

Rarely will you have a problem bringing your dog into a home improvement store unless you do so without them on a leash.

While these two home improvement stores are among the most popular that allow dogs, other smaller local shops may also be open to letting Fido browse with you.

Bass Pro Shop, Tractor Supply Store & Atwood’s: These stores in most locations are dog friendly.

Being stores for farmers, hunters and sportsman they often cater to pet needs as well. They can be a fun place to venture out with your dog in tow. Make sure to check with store management in advance to make sure it is okay with them for you to bring your dog.

Anthropologie, Macy’s & Nordstram’s: These big-name department stores are surprisingly dog friendly.

While these stores, like many others on our list, also make note that it is at individual store managers’ discretion, you will find more often than not that they are very pet friendly. Again, keeping your dog on a leash is important.

There are actually a ton of specialty stores that allow dogs to shop with you!

Hobby shops like Hobby Lobby and Michaels are both dog-friendly.

The Apple Store also doesn’t mind your well-behaved pooch tagging along. The stores that surprised me the most, though, are the beauty shops. Lush, Bath & Body Works, and Sephora are all dog-friendly stores in the US!

However, one thing to keep in mind: while the individual stores may be dog-friendly, if you’re shopping in a mall, you need to abide by the overall rules of the entire shopping complex.

Basically, if, say, Bath & Body Works has its own entrance and you don’t plan to go anywhere else in the mall, you may be able to get away with bringing your dog. If you plan to step foot outside their store, though, you’ll need to check the rules.


Is Harbor Freight animal friendly?

Dogs and tools go together like, well, dogs and tools. Harbor Freight has a limited pet section too. You can get a new ratchet set or tool chest and your pooch can get a new pet bed.

Can we bring our dog to Lowes?

Lowes has an official dog policy, although it may be difficult for you to find. They state their policy is to allow service animals and other animals in the store. They allow you to bring your pets in the store as long as they are well behaved. They must also be on a leash, harnessed, or carried.

Can I take my dog in Walmart in a stroller?

Walmart welcomes service animals as defined by the ADA in our stores, and we recognize the important role they play in many of our customers’ lives. We do not allow pets in our stores.

Are dogs allowed in Home Depot?

They explain that, “the official policy for Home Depot is that only service dogs are allowed in their stores. A service dog is a dog that is specifically trained to assist people, usually those with some sort of disability.” This all means that technically only service dogs are allowed, not even emotional support dogs.