Are Dreambones Safe For Dogs

They are made with wholesome vegetables & REAL chicken. This makes DreamBone chews highly digestible, and highly palatable. They are also enriched with vitamins & minerals… making them much healthier for dogs than any rawhide

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Reviews & Rating

DreamBone may sound like the products of your dreams, but let’s take a look at some reviews and see how their products have held up to the company’s promises. While there are mostly positive reviews, some customers have claimed that the treats don’t last very long compared to rawhide products. Others have reported that there is a white residue from the treats left on carpets, furniture, and beds.

While DreamBone is a healthier alternative to other rawhide products, there doesn’t seem to be any larger chews for bigger dog breeds. However, if you have a smaller dog and don’t mind the treat disappearing a little faster than an unhealthy alternative, DreamBone is a great fit!

I give DreamBone four stars out of five because even though there are some minor setbacks to having a product that isn’t one-size-fits-all, it is still a healthier alternative to rawhide products.

Even though the brand doesn’t offer sizes that cater to large dog breeds, it does offer a variety of different shapes, sizes, and flavors! DreamBone has a variety of different tasty treats and I picked out the top five in order to give you an overview of what the brand has to offer your pup. Remember not to overfeed your dog treats; she can start to gain weight.

DreamBone’s Brand

DreamBone was founded in 2008 with the intention of providing safe and healthy treats for your dog. They claim to be “revolutionizing pet chews” and take monitoring their products for quality control seriously. Best of all, their chews are rawhide-free, highly digestible, and made with vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy lifestyle.

It points out “sorbitol” as the third listed ingredient and that “sorbitol is indigestible, and is widely characterized and classified, including by the FDA, as an indigestible sugar alcohol.”

“I put my hand – I mean, my hand was basically in his stomach, and (the treat) was lodged,” McConnell said. “To have my dog die in my arms like it did. I don’t want that to happen to anybody.”

Choi obtained a copy of a lawsuit filed by two women in California. In it, the lawsuit states the product contains “a large amount of indigestible ingredient.”

The products remained on the shelves with a slight change. Instead of saying more than 99% digestible, it now says highly digestible.

The Food and Drug Administration regulates dog treats and puts out warnings and recalls for pet foods. We are still trying to get the number of complaints filed with the FDA related to the dog treats.


What dog treats should you not give your dog?

They’re highly digestible and 100 percent delicious. DreamBone Twist Sticks help maintain healthy teeth and gums through the natural action of chewing, making them chews both you and your dog can love. Give your dog one to two DreamBone Twist Sticks chews per day.

Is there a recall on Dreambones?

Steer clear of grapes, raisins, onions, chocolate and anything with caffeine. These can be toxic to dogs. Other snacks that can work well as low-calorie dog treats are air-popped popcorn with no salt or butter, and plain rice cakes broken into little pieces.

What are Dreambones made of?

Who is Eligible for the Dream Bone Recall? “This recall is limited to dog chew products that contain rawhide. Only products with lot codes listed on the back of the package that start with AH, AV, A, AI, AO, or AB, and which list expiration dates from 06/01/2019 through 05/31/2020 are affected by this recall.