Are female pitbulls more protective? Here’s What to Expect

Are Pit Bulls Over Protective At Times?

To some degree, it is safe to say that all dogs are protective.

When placed in a threatening scenario, the majority of dogs will react aggressively to protect themselves, their young, or their family.

But how do you know when protective has reached the point of overprotective? It’s basically using your own instinct.

If you feel like your dog is protective too often, and in situations where they don’t need to be, they are probably being overly protective.

There are several problems with an overly protective dog.

Not only can it be embarrassing when your dog growls or snaps, but it can also limit the enjoyment you and your dog can have together.

Having guests over to your house can become a chore, and walks can become extremely difficult. And when protectiveness turns into aggression, it can become dangerous.

This is especially true if you are a Pit Bull owner.

Sure a nip from a small dog can create a wound, but a nip from a Pit Bull can cause some serious damage, and render some serious consequences.

So how can you curb this behavior?

Before we answer this question, we need to understand why Pit Bulls become protective in the first place.

Are male or female pitbulls better?

Both male and female pit bulls are usually friendly and good with children. However, males — especially un-neutered males — are more likely to be aggressive toward other dogs than their female counterpart.

All About Their Shape

Are female pitbulls more protective?

There aren’t huge differences in their aesthetic, but you’ll find that female Pitbulls tend to be longer in the back and they may be thinner than males. Female Pitbull will generally weigh around 30-50lbs. Males, on the other hand, may reach up to 60lbs. It is not unusual, however, for Pitbulls to reach heavier weights.

Male Pitbull Dog vs Female Pitbull Dog – Compare and Contrast | Differences is Putbull dogs

Anyone who has owned a Pitbull will tell you about their endless loyalty and love for their owners. While there is a clear differentiation between Pitbulls and other breeds, the differences between male vs female Pitbull can be obscure.

Below, you can read our guide, which goes over both the similarities and the differences between male and female Pitbulls.