Are Greyhounds aggressive to humans? A Complete Guide

Unfamiliar displays of affection

Imagine this, you are used to a set time schedule for everything, and the only people you know are the one who lets you out for pee brakes and the one who feeds you. Then, all of a sudden, you have a new owner and suddenly people shriek when they see you, make a beeline for you, try to touch, hug and kiss you. Revolting isn’t it and quite a change of pace, right? That’s precisely how your greyhound feels to these unfamiliar displays of affection that he has never experienced before in his life.

Your greyhound’s reaction to unfamiliar displays of affection may be fear-based aggression because he feels threatened.

  • Learn the ways through which your greyhound perceives and shows affection.
  • Politely tell strangers and visitors how to approach your greyhound. Give them rules of interaction with your hound.
  • Proper socialization also goes a long way in breaking down human interaction to your hound. Through socialization, your hound will be able to differentiate basic interaction from threatening situations.
  • Why does my Greyhound snap at me?

    A Greyhound May Growl out of Stubbornness or Possessiveness

    Sometimes, he just won’t listen. The reason for this is usually because he’s found a really comfortable position, and doesn’t want to move. Sometimes, he doesn’t approve of the weather.

    Are Greyhounds Aggressive?

    Greyhounds don’t appear on the most typically aggressive dog breed lists. In a clinical study, data showed that of over 30 breeds of dog tested, and their aggression studied both to humans and other dogs. The sweet-natured Greyhound made one of the top 6 lists of dog breeds least likely to show aggression to both humans and dogs along with:

  • Whippets
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Bernese Mountain dog
  • Brittany Spaniels.
  • Furthermore, The American Kennel Club rated the Greyhound in their own established temperament tests that measured six categories of tests including:

    The AKC described the Greyhound’s temperament as:

  • Sweet-natured
  • Gentle
  • Independent
  • Affectionate to family
  • Reserved with strangers.
  • So as a breed-specific expression, aggression is not typical of the nature of a Greyhound. That being said, each dog’s life experiences may shape their personalities much the same as human beings.

    Cesar Millan Helps An Aggressive Greyhound