Are hemp rope toys safe for dogs? Get Your Pet Thinking

The Dangers of Rope Dog Toys

Chewing is natural in dogs, unfortunately, the tragic history of some rope toys points to a more serious reality than many people realize. Rope dog toys can be dangerous in three different ways.

The toy is too small and can be swallowed, obstructing the throat.

The first danger is that the toy is too small for your dog. If a rope is too small, your pooch could swallow it whole. In the best-case scenario, this can cause digestive issues and obstruct the bowels, which can even necessitate surgery.

In the worst cases, it can obstruct your canine companions airways and choke them to death. A tiny ball meant for small breeds should not be provided to a Labrador. Always ensure you’re purchasing the right size toy for your size pup.

Because doggos come in all sizes, we developed three different dog ropes: two-knot, three-knot, and four-knot. Theres one for your dog, no matter their size.

The toy is made of synthetic or toxic materials.

This should not come as a shock to any pet parent but unfortunately, the world of pet supplies is fraught with danger, as suppliers around the world put cheap manufacturing costs over the safety of our pet pals.

What to think about when choosing a dog chew toy

In general, veterinarians recommend using the thumbnail test, i.e. if a toy doesn’t ‘give’ a little when you press your thumbnail into it, it’s probably too hard to be tooth-safe for your dog. Conversely, if it is too soft, or badly put together, your dog might just tear chunks off it and create a whole new set of risks.

Some chew toys do walk that fine line between softness and hardness, but this also depends greatly on your dog’s bite. What works for one dog may be completely inappropriate for another, which is where it pays to read online reviews and see if any of the reviewers’ dogs sound similar to your pup.

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