Are human vitamins good for dogs? The Ultimate Guide

What to Do If Your Pet Accidentally Consumes a Human Vitamin

For many pets, sneaking behind your back and consuming one of your vitamins that you left sitting on the table is not cause for an emergency. However, you should still take the situation seriously, says Dr. Lisa Murphy, associate professor of toxicology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and director of the Pennsylvania Animal Diagnostic Laboratory System.

“Animals will react differently depending on their age, medical history, and weight, among many other factors,” Murphy says. But, she adds, “no matter the factors, the likelihood of a positive outcome is so much greater with a prompt phone call to the vet.”

When To Give Supplements To A Dog

Most dog foods provide only the bare minimum when it comes to basic nutritional requirements. That’s why we always recommend feeding your pet high-quality freeze-dried dog food. Even still, supplementation may be beneficial for supporting your dog’s overall health.1

Unlike humans, dogs’ bodies produce vitamin C. However, if a dog becomes ill or is stressed for long periods of time, his or her supply of this essential vitamin can quickly become depleted. Physical stress (such as digestive problems, herding, hunting, injuries, or illnesses) and emotional stress (relocation, training, weaning, etc.) can both cause a shortage of vitamin C.2

Vitamin C is critical to the health of both humans and dogs.

Can Pets Take Human Vitamins | Ultimate Pet NutritionThat’s because it acts as an antioxidant, helping protect the body against the damaging effects of oxidation. While oxidation is important to the proper functioning of the body, it can also cause problems.

For example, oxidation creates harmful molecules known as free radicals. These molecules can do a great deal of damage to cells and can also weaken the immune system. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, help support the body’s natural defense against free radical damage.3,4

Why Would A Dog Need A Vitamin Supplement Anyway?

Dogs, like humans, need essential vitamins and minerals, most of which they get from a balanced diet, especially if you feed your dog high quality commercial food. There are two main reasons where you need to supplement your dog’s diet – both of which should come at the recommendation of your trusted veterinarian.

Can I give my Dog Human Vitamins?

Is it safe to give human vitamins to dogs? The short answer is: “Ask your veterinarian.” There are a few things you should know about dogs and vitamins, though, which will help you ask your vet the right questions.*