Are Kongs good for teething puppies? Here’s the Answer

About KONGKONG dog toys encourage play, satisfying instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and pet parent. Built for durability, KONG Dog Toys offer mental and physical stimulation, all while meeting a dog’s need to play. All KONG Rubber Toys are proudly made in the USA with Globally Sourced Materials.

Are Kongs good for teething puppies?

These incredibly strong chew-toys help relieve the pain of teething and keep little mouths busy & out of trouble. The Kong company has been making super-tough rubber toys since the 1970s, and today the brand is well-known around the world, and has the reputation for producing the strongest toys on the market.

That DOES NOT make them less fun, or less valuable as an activity, but it does mean that you need to be more vigilant while little Fido is playing with them. Also check all toys regularly for signs of damage and replace whenever you feel they have reached the end of their useful (and safe) life! Want to see more? Click on this link to see the full range of specially-designed teething toys….

I often use peanut butter or a flavored treat paste to fill puppy Kongs, but I go the extra mile by freezing the filled toy for a few hours, or overnight. This slows down the rate at which a puppy tongue can remove the deliciousness from the toy and makes play time more stimulating for him, and longer lasting too.

Seal The Toy

Once you have put the food in, you will want to seal the opening so that it’s not too easy for your pup to get it out the moment that you give the toy to them.

Kong’s treat cream is a good tool for this, but you can use peanut butter and other sticky edible substances as well.

Just cover the hole with the sticky food, let it dry for a minute or so, and check that the food isn’t coming out on its own.

Best Puppy Chew Toys for Teething

Kong toys are among the most popular dog toys on the market. They’re a great way to keep dogs of all ages mentally stimulated, and they can help soothe the gums of teething puppies and teach them positive chewing habits.

But one question many pet parents new to Kong toys have is how do you actually stuff Kong toys for puppies?

In this article, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of Kong toys for puppies. First, we’ll look at the Kong range for puppies and the special features they offer that make them excellent and healthy toys for growing dogs.

Next, we’ll take you through, step by step, how to actually stuff a Kong toy. While it is not challenging, it is possible to get it wrong.

A few tips and tricks will make sure you achieve the right difficulty level for your dog to keep them stimulated and not frustrated.

Finally, we’ll share a few DIY Kong stuffing treats if you don’t want to buy their ready-made options, and answer some of the most common questions about Kongs for puppies.