Are Pitbull mixes healthy? Let’s Explore

Pit Bull Health Issues – What to Watch Out For

Happy Pit Bull Awareness Month! Pit bulls, or, pitbulls are not technically a specific breed of dog, but rather an umbrella term for dogs with stocky, muscular builds that are the descendants of bulldogs and terrier breeds, originally bred for their strength and tenacity.

The most notable breeds in the pit bull category are:

In this article, we’re addressing pit bull health problems that may affect American Staffordshire Terriers and pit bull mixes.

Health Issue #4: Knee Problems

Another common pitbull health issue is a luxating patella, which occurs when a pit bull’s kneecap, their patella, slides out of place. This can cause the dog to suddenly hop or pick up their hind leg until their kneecap slips back into place.

In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to realign the kneecap to prevent it from slipping.

  • skipping or hopping a few strides
  • swinging leg out to “pop” the kneecap back into place
  • limping
  • 1 Pug Pit

    Parents: Pug x Pit Bull mix

    Are Pitbull mixes healthy?

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    The Pug Pit is not the most obvious (or popular) Pit mix. These unusual hybrids combine the laid-back and silliness of the Pug with the strong American Pit Bull Terrier. It’s likely they will be short and stocky dogs with a dense yet smooth coat.

    Despite the Pit Bull genetics, the Pug Pit is surprisingly an adaptable dog. They’re good apartment dogs, but also thrive in a home with a fenced-off yard. And despite being half Pug, Pug Pits need exercise to remain healthy, especially if you live in an apartment.

    But if they inherit the Pug’s propensity to be brachycephalic, you’ll need to keep their exercise in check. Still, they are highly intelligent mutts and can be very protective of the family. In other words, they’ll have the territorial instincts of the Pit Bull.

    What you Need to Know about Pit Bulls

    It’s no secret, Pit Bulls receive a lot of bad press for being “dangerous dogs.” However, there are so many Pit Bull myths which can be debunked. On the contrary, this super-energetic and affectionate dog breed has earned a well-deserved reputation for its courage.

    Whatever the myths and myth-makers may say, Pit Bulls are friendly and outgoing dogs that deserve a loving home. If properly trained and socialized, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be as loving as any other dog. This is true for Pit Bull mixes too!

    There are so many Pit Bulls in the world today, especially in America. For this reason, hybrids that contain part Pit Bull are also widespread. There are plenty of options to choose from. But don’t worry – here are our 31 favorite Pit Bull mixes.

    The word “pit bull” doesn’t refer to one dog breed. Rather, it refers to a type of dog (read here) and can be derived from 4 distinct pedigree breeds: an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Bulldog.

    With that said, Pitbulls are typically medium-sized dogs with muscular bodies. More often than not, they will have cropped ears and can come in a variety of terrier colors. They will be compact and dense, with a powerful yet effortless gait.

    Most owners consider their Pit Bulls to be intelligent and friendly, though they can certainly go on their stubborn streaks. But here’s the elephant in the room: there’s a general perception that these dogs are highly aggressive and prone to attacking strangers (or other animals).

    There is some merit to this, as Pit Bulls are often on the lists of most dangerous dogs. In fact, they take the number 1 spot for most frequent dog bites. However, this is more likely due to poor training and negligence by the owners rather than the dog itself.

    With their strong jaws and strong necks, a Pit bull’s bite can do a lot of damage. And yes, they do top the list for dog bite fatalities. But proper socialization, obedience training, and showering them with love, can transform them into any other loving family companion.

    We list a few of the most interesting Pit bull mixes here. This list could be shorter, but we have narrowed it down to our 31 favorite Pit hybrids. If we’ve missed a mix that deserves to be on this list, let us know in the comments section below!

    Pit Chows are born from an American Pitbull Terrier and a Chow Chow. Pit Bulls were involved in bull and bear baiting, along with dog fighting before those blood sports were banned. Meanwhile, the Chows are ancient Chinese dogs bred for various work.

    Pit Chows, the mix of these two breeds, have a range of appearances as they take after both parents. A Pit Chow can grow to be 17 to 21 inches in height and weigh anywhere from 30 to 70 lbs. However, they can live an astounding 10 – 15 years!

    Regarding personality or temperament, there can be a lot of variation as both the Chow and an American Pitbull Terrier have diverse temperaments. Overall, they tend to be sweet dogs that are obedient, though they can be wary of strangers.