Are pitbulls good guard dogs? A Step-by-Step Guide

The Personality of a Pit Bull

I still remember the first time I encountered a pit bull at a friend’s place. That guy was huge and muscular seeing which I was shaking and sweating.

It didn’t take me long to realize that all that a pit bull can do is to make someone laugh to death with their stupidities or probably smooch them to death. Pit bulls are gentle giants that are commonly considered to be a threat owing to their intimidating physical appearance and characteristics.

Contrary to the myths surrounding pit bulls about them being aggressive and excellent guard dogs, they are fun-loving and loyal pets who would always want to be around humans.

They so love being around humans that they don’t discriminate humans. Don’t be surprised if you see your pit bull happily jumping around strangers and kissing them. In short, pit bulls love being around humans than being around other dogs.

Their love for humans can be best seen when they are around kids. These gentle giants love kids so much that they are intelligent enough to show patience with kids.

A pit bull can be very protective of kids, sometimes in a way that surprises us. In most cases, if you have a kid at home, chances are that the pit bull won’t leave the kid’s side for long. They will always come back to them.

That being said, pit bulls can sometimes have temperament issues. It can be quite difficult to control them when they are irritated owing to their muscular physique and energy. A pit bull rarely has temperament issues and in most cases, it only happens when they haven’t had enough exercise or playtime lately.

Is A Pit Bull a Good Guard Dog?

Love and protection go hand in hand when it comes to Pit Bulls and their guard dog nature.

As they begin to adapt to their new homes, new owners, and the world after puppyhood, a Pit Bull becomes an extremely affectionate dog breed.

They may even experience some separation anxiety the first time you leave them home alone after the adoption.

Once your Pit Bull becomes more alert and has a better understanding of their surroundings, they will become an excellent guard dog.

Pit Bulls are vocal dogs when they want to inform you of a visitor at home or if they sense anything out of the ordinary.

Many terrier dog breeds share this same personality characteristic.

If you are looking for a good guard dog that will be informing you of everyone at the door, on the property or of anything out of the ordinary in general, a Pit Bull may be one of the best options for you.

Will my pitbull protect me if I’m attacked?

The truth is, most dogs won’t protect anyone from another person. That being said, dogs are generally protective when it comes to environmental dangers other than humans.

They are loyal, loving dogs who want only to please their owners. If raised in a loving atmosphere, pit bulls are gentle, friendly, affectionate and loyal. … The AKC does not recognize the “pit bull as a breed.

GERMAN SHEPHERD vs PITBULL TERRIER! What’s The Best Family Guard Dog?

There is so much discourse these days about Pitbulls, their temperaments, and their levels of protectiveness and aggression.

On the one hand, you have folks who 100% believe that these are just sweet, dopey, lovely dogs who are not prone to any more aggression than any other breed.

And on the other, you have folks who claim just as strongly that these are dangerous dogs who, at best, should only be reserved for extreme protection and guarding work.

Yes, Pitbulls can be particularly prone to defensiveness and aggression when they believe their families are threatened. However, it’s unlikely that an average Pitbull would effectively intervene in a serious situation. Pitbulls make great protection dogs but it requires extensive and careful training to rely on them for “protection.”

It’s important to note that almost all dogs, regardless of breed, would show some signs of “protective” behavior when their owners are faced with a threat.

What sets Pitbulls apart is their willingness to engage and the efficacy that even an untrained Pitbull may have if their owners are threatened.

Read on for more and for advice on what to do if your Pitbull is being protective of you.