Are Stuffed Shin Bones Safe For Dogs

What dog doesnt love a good chew? The trouble is, most products on the market are made of chemicals and additives. Thats why you need to get your hands on this bully-stuffed shin bone from EcoKind! Our 100% natural beef bone for dogs has no chemical additives or fillers. Plus, all our beef products come from only free-range, grass-fed cattle! Slow-roasted so every bone retains all the delicious meaty flavors – your pup will be jumping up and down with joy when they sink their teeth into this one!

Unlike all those low-quality dog bones and chews, EcoKind bones for aggressive chewers is 100% natural and contains no additives. Every doggo deserves a scrumptious bone, and you can always be confident your dog is getting the best quality treats from EcoKind

Our stuffed shin bones are available in 4 and 6, so you can get the bone thats just right for your pup. Plus, theyre delicious! – carefully slow-roasted to retain all the meaty flavors, our huge dog bone will make your doggy jump up and down from joy.

EcoKind stuffed shin bones are sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle, so you can rest assured that theyre fully digestible and ideal for sensitive stomachs. Our bones are stuffed with nothing but bully meal so your pup eats nothing but beef.

It’s Nutritious! – each large dog bone for aggressive chewers contains essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins for a balanced diet. Our filled bones for dogs are packed with TONS of vitamins and minerals to keep your pooch happy!

An FDA report warns dog owners of the dangers of “bone treats,” which can consist of full or partial pieces of animal bone. Stuff your dog’s stocking with knickknacks. Paddywhacks, even. But — you’ve likely guessed it by now — avoid giving the dog a bone, at least a “bone treat.”

Nearly 70 dogs have gotten sick from processed and packaged bones and 15 have died, according to the FDAs website. That figure is nearly double the last reported death toll linked with the treats; a 2015 version of the page indicated that eight dogs had died. Dogs have vomited, choked and had stomach issues after chewing on them, according to the agency. Some bones have also looked moldy or have splintered when a dog began to chew.

Update | Commercial bone treats can be hazardous to a dogs health, the Food and Drug Administration has warned—and sometimes they can even be lethal. The agency updated its website this month to include new reports of illnesses and deaths associated with these processed bone treats.

The issues associated with these bones are concerning, but they arent the only danger out there. Concerns about jerky pet treats skyrocketed in 2013, and by the end of 2015 the agency received reports that more than 1,000 dogs had died and over 6,000 fell sick after eating the treats. At the time, the FDA linked the illnesses to treats imported from China. However, the agency noted, “Pet owners should be aware, however, that manufacturers are not required to list the country of origin for each ingredient used in their products.”

Unsurprisingly, the days immediately after holidays are often busy for vets, de Jong said. “After holidays, there seem to always be a spike,” he said, mostly in vomiting or diarrhea-related cases.

The dangers of bones—commercial or otherwise—are something that many veterinarians are aware of, Dr. John de Jong, president-elect of the American Veterinary Medical Association, told Newsweek. “Many veterinarians advise their dog-owning clients to avoid giving their dogs bones because of problems that can develop.” It can happen to any dog, he said, regardless of breed or size. “Theres a lot of other good, commercial products out there that can be given to your dog that can satisfy their need to chew and promote good dental health,” he said, mentioning products made of nylon.

“Are Filled Bones Safe for Dogs?”

We do our best to make sure that every Redbarn Bone is as safe as possible for your dog. We take steps to minimize the risk of breaking or splintering, but it’s important to keep in mind that no natural bone can come with a guarantee against breaking or splintering.

We always recommend that you supervise your dog when any dog bone treat is given. If your dog starts breaking off large pieces or the bone gets too small to chew safely, be sure to take the bone away for their safety.

We source our Filled Bones from USDA / FDA approved facilities and they are made in the USA. We start with all-natural beef femur or tibia bones that are a natural source of calcium and phosphorus. We then clean and boil them, using a human food-grade solution to help sanitize and sterilize them. That’s how they get their white or off-white color. We go through this process for quality assurance reasons to ensure that they will stay fresh for customers. We never add chemicals, preservatives, flavors, or colors to our bones.

After they are cleaned, they are then cut to the appropriate size using a saw. This is true for all of our White Bones as well!

To make it a Filled Bone, we then use our patented technology to fill them with one of our five delicious flavors: Lamb, Cheese & Bacon, Beef, Peanut Butter, and Peanut Butter & Jelly Duo. With regards to the ingredients in our filling, all of them serve a specific purpose to make the product better for our canine customers. The ingredients help the filling stay adhered to the interior walls of the bone and stay semi-moist. This filling provides a fun challenge for dogs as they work to get it out from the bone.

Dogs can safely eat the following types of bones:

As long as you know where its coming from, a large raw cow bone is safe for your pup — just make sure its stored in the freezer ahead of time, according to Rover. Find one thats thick, study, and around the size of their head, allowing them to chew without potentially breaking off a chunk and swallowing it. Large breeds can even opt for a raw beef knuckle bone — but definitely take it away after a few hours, as it can wear down, and eventually break into shards if you arent careful. Article continues below advertisement

Likewise, bison bones are safe for your pup to chew, as theyre around the same size and texture to a standard beef bone. For the sake of the environment, though, try finding one thats locally-sourced.

Almost anything you find at the pet supplies store is adequate for your pup — pig ears, bully sticks, and antlers are generally pretty safe. But if you arent entirely sure whats right for your fur baby, consult your dogs vet ahead of time, just to make sure. Synthetic, animal-free treats are also an option, including Greenies or Benebones, which arent edible, but are definitely fun for any pup with an oral fixation. Article continues below advertisement


Are beef shin bones safe for dogs?

Don’t give your dog cooked bones of any kind.

Cooked bones splinter into shards that can cause choking and serious damage to the dog’s mouth, throat, or intestines.

Are hard filled bones safe for dogs?

Redbarn Filled Bones are meant to be used as a dental treat. While it won’t replace regular visits to the vet or teeth cleanings, they can help support doggie dental health maintenance.

Are filled marrow bones good for dogs?

Marrow bones for dogs and cats are a delicious and natural recreational bone treat your dogs and cats will love. Marrow bones are a great form of raw dog food that will help to satisfy your pet’s natural craving to chew, releasing naturally calming endorphins as they gnaw away at the tasty bone.