Are there dogs in Terraria? Let’s Explore

Master Mode only []

These light pets can only be acquired in Master Mode, but can be used anywhere.

Summoning and Dismissing[]

On the PC version, Console version, Mobile version, tModLoader version, and tModLoader 1.3-Legacy version, the inventory offers two dedicated slots, offering more complex behavior: One slot is for “regular” pets, the other is for light pets. Light pets behave similarly to ordinary pets, but provide more consistent lighting around the player. At any time, the player can have at most one pet of each type active.

  • Each pet slot has a matching dye slot, which can be used to recolor the pet. Some of the “advanced” dyes can make certain pets look very strange, or even render them invisible. If they normally shed light, the light will be unaffected by any dye.
  • Each pet slot also has an “eye” icon, which can be clicked to “hide” the pet, and again to “show” it.
    • Unlike the similar icons to hide accessories, the eye icon will actually dismiss and resummon the pet, not just hide and reveal it.
    • If a summoning item is placed in a slot set to “hidden”, the pet will not be summoned until the slot is toggled back to “visible”.
  • Removing a pets item from its slot will not dismiss the pet, but placing a different pet item in the slot will replace the pet.
  • Either type of pet can also be summoned by using its item from the hotbar, but only if the slot it could go into is empty or hidden.
  • A pet in a pet slot is automatically summoned whenever the player respawns, as long as the “eye” icon is set to visible.
  • What does dog license do in Terraria?

    The Dog License is a consumable item purchased from the Zoologist for 5 after completing 25% of the Bestiary. Using it allows a Town Dog to move into town, which happens at 4:30 AM the next day if there is a house available. It can only be used once per world, and the Zoologist will not sell more than one in the world.

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