Are Tracheas Safe For Dogs

Searching for a new way to spoil Spot? Beef tracheas are pretty nifty treats that some dogs go bananas over.

These treats serve as a safe, tasty way to show your four-footer just how much you care, and they even provide a few health benefits. Also, while they don’t last a super-long time, tracheas give your pupper a great outlet for exercising his natural chewing instincts in a safe way.

We’ll explain everything you need to know about beef tracheas for dogs and share a few of our favorites below.

The trachea is also known as one of the safest chews around. Similar to beef skin, the dog chew turns into small slobbery bits, rather than jagged pieces with sharp edges and are 100% digestible. Beef tracheas are considered a great bone-free beginner chew for dogs over 16 weeks old.

How Long Does a Beef Trachea Last?

There is no accurate answer about how long a trachea will last because some dogs would gulp it within a minute. It may vary according to different dogs. Some dogs take time to finish a piece of the beef trachea.

Mostly bigger dogs take less time to finish than small dogs. Hence there is no definite answer as to how long a chewy can last. In some cases, it can last a week if your dog is a slow chewer. However, it’s essential to give the proper size to avoid incidents like choking.

How Is Beef Trachea Made?

The beef trachea is made from the windpipes of cows. It’s a cartilage tube that is located between a mouth and a lung. Interestingly, there are also nicknames like moo-tubes, trachea bones, or windies. The process of making beef trachea is quite simple.

First, the windpipe is baked after cutting it into pieces. Once it’s hardened, it’s made into a chewy. The excellent aspect about beef trachea is that it doesn’t add any flavors or artificial ingredients. In addition, it is also easily digestible.

In addition, the chewy treat also comes in three sizes. So that even small breed dogs like Pomeranian or a Terrier can have it. Usually, it is categorized under three different sizes:

Note that one needs a sharp knife or a shear to cut the beef trachea. It’s hard to make the chewy into pieces until you cut it. Hence, getting the right size would be very beneficial.

Some of the best-selling beef tracheas are the Best Bully Sticks found on Amazon. They are made of 100% all-natural beef, and all dogs generally love these sticks!

Are Tracheas Safe For Dogs


  • They’re pretty safe. Beef tracheas tend to be relatively safe since they’re easy to chew and don’t have too many pointy parts sticking out of them. They also require minimal processing on the manufacturing side, so they might be a great pick for pups with sensitive stomachs.
  • They’re unlikely to damage your pet’s teeth. Since beef tracheas are made out of cartilage, they’re softer than many other dog delicacies. These treats also soften as your dog works on them, so they’re unlikely to damage teeth. That said, it’s always a good idea to check with your vet before offering tracheas if your pooch has to deal with existing dental issues.
  • Beef tracheas are pretty affordable. When compared with other all-meat dog chews, beef tracheas come up as one of the most affordable options. You can get a beef trachea that’s made in the USA for under two bucks, and they’re even cheaper when you buy them in bulk.
  • They provide a few nutritional benefits. Beef trachea happens to be a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. These naturally occurring compounds can help alleviate pain from canine arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other joint related issues.
  • Beef tracheas come in several flavors. If your pooch is picky, there are plenty of beef trachea flavor options available. You can also find beef tracheas pre-filled with mutt morsels, or you can simply stuff ‘em yourself.
  • They may provide some dental benefits. Though they’re not quite as effective as dog dental chews, beef trachea treats can help loosen plaque from your dog’s teeth. However, these benefits are limited and not a substitute for brushing your best buddy’s teeth. Don’t expect Spot’s breath to smell minty fresh after chewing on one of these, either.
  • Dogs usually love them. Most dogs fall head over heels for beef tracheas. That being said, every pooch is different so there’s a chance (albeit a small one) that your furry best friend won’t enjoy these treats.
  • Tracheas keep your canine entertained. They don’t last for super-long times, but tracheas can help keep your pup occupied for a little while and provide some mental stimulation and enrichment.
  • FAQ

    Are beef tracheas digestible?

    Top grade beef trachea is a 100% digestible chew that dogs love! It’s also a natural source of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, which owners love! Pepper, a puppy who always wants to chew, loves the Beef Trachea by Springtime! Dogs LOVE to chew!

    How often should I give my dog beef trachea?

    Serve as a treat 1-3 times a week or as part of a home prepared raw meal. Our range of meaty bones and chewing meats are carefully selected to accommodate dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. Always supervise your dog when feeding raw meaty bones and select a raw bone or chew that is appropriate for your dog.

    Can dogs choke on beef trachea?

    Like with most chews, beef trachea can be a potential choking hazard – especially if your dog is known for swallowing treats whole, without chewing. Same goes for when the treats get too small. Your dog may decide to gulp down that final piece, where it can get lodged in the throat.

    What can I stuff my dogs trachea with?

    Yogurt: yogurt is a very popular snack for dogs that makes a great trachea stuffer!