Are wood chips OK for dogs? What to Know

Is cedar chips safe for dogs?

Other experts report skin sensitivities, itching, or allergies to pine shavings and their pets so it might be irritating to their skin despite being safe for the respiratory tract and liver.

Although cedar mulch won’t seriously hurt your dog if ingested, it may give him an upset stomach, and if he eats enough of it, he may suffer vomiting, according to the ASPCA. … Dogs can also choke on mulch, which is another reason to keep them away from it.

How to curb the behavior of eating wood chips?

When a dog eats wood chips, it could be a sign that the pet is bored or has some other underlying issue.

Before you address this problem, make sure that the animal has access to plenty of fresh water and quality food.

A dog that is not properly hydrated can become dehydrated, which can cause them to eat wood chips in order to feel full.

Similarly, if your dog is eating wood chips as a result of a lack of good-quality nutrition, then their health should be at risk—so ensure they are getting the proper nutrition for optimal growth and development!

Finally, make sure that your dog has access to a comfortable bed where they can rest between play sessions with you or other pets.

If your pup does not have somewhere safe and comfy where they can relax during downtime (or if there are other dogs around), then it may encourage them to fill up on something else like sticks or rocks instead of taking time out from roughhousing activities with others in order to get some much-needed rest!

#2 Natural Cedar Shavings

This mulch has a pleasant fragrance, but it won’t tantalize your dog’s tastebuds the way cocoa bean mulch does.

Not only is it safe for your dog, but it also repels insects while adding nutrients to the soil. Our Pick

Cedar shavings are perfect for gardening, crafting, and many other artisan crafts. Can also be used as animal bedding due to its absorbency and odor-fighting abilities. 100% natural.

Add Cedar Chips To Whelping Box

You may be thinking about mulching your garden paths or flower beds to tidy up the look and prevent weeds. Mulching is a great way to retain moisture during warm, dry days. But is mulch safe for your dog? The overarching answer is no. Mulch can be made from many different materials, from cedar shavings to newspaper to rubber. One dog may eat it and be fine, but another might become seriously ill from the same type of mulch. Its risky to allow a dog to eat mulch of any type, but certain mulches are even more problematic (and dangerous):