Are Yeti dog bowls safe? Here’s What to Expect

How Much Food/Water Will Fit In YETI Dog Bowls?

Our is built to hold four cups or 936 mL of food or water. Slightly larger, our will hold eight cups or 1892 mL (1.8L) of food or water.

YETI Boomer Dog Bowl Review: What’s unique about YETI dog bowls?

One of the key features of my YETI dog bowl is its durability – YETI pet supplies are all incredibly durable.

YETI Boomer dog bowls are made from non-insulated stainless steel, with a double-wall construction, which gives them a solid, high-quality feel.

This is the same for the large and small versions (Boomer 8 and Boomer 4 bowls) – either one of these dog bowl sizes would make good gifts for dog owners because they last a lifetime.

These things are literally indestructible – not even I can dent them! It reminds me of my favorite dog bed in how durable the YETI company makes their pet supplies.

My YETI bowl is therefore very sturdy and not appealing to bite, because of the thickness, hard and smooth materials, it just doesn’t interest me as something to grab or chew.

I did try to chew this bowl initially, but my attempts didn’t even leave scratch marks on the metal, so I found something else to chew on instead.

Although it seems obvious, it’s really important to have regular access to fresh water, and my parents couldn’t trust that I would actually have any water if I flipped my old bowl repeatedly, almost as soon as I was given a fresh drink.

They were also concerned that I could also have swallowed some pieces of silicon from the ‘foot’ that the bowl stood in, to (apparently) stop me flipping it over.

My parents also tried one of those ‘Snap-y-Fit’ dog crate bowls that you attach to the inside of a wire crate, which therefore can’t be flipped.

Although I couldn’t turn it over, I decided to try and chew on the bowl constantly, and that was noisy and also probably not great for my teeth.

So finding a bowl I can’t try to eat or flip was really important! My humans don’t like it when I chew through all my dog supplies.

It’s really non-skid

One feature our human testers loved was that the bowl didn’t budge even when their pups knocked into it.

“Our dogs can end up roughhousing, and our typical water bowl can get pushed around. The YETI bowl hasnt moved from the spot we placed it thanks to the bearfoot non-slip ring.” — Spencer F.

Are Yeti dog bowls safe?

YETI Dog Bowl Boomer 8 and Boomer 4 Review & Unboxing I love them!

The best dog deserves the best dog bowl, but is the new Yeti Boomer Dog Bowl the best dog bowl money can buy and is it worth the hefty price tag?

The Yeti Boomer Dog Bowl is one of the best dog bowls available on the market. It is made with double walled stainless steel, is heavy and rugged and the non-slip base means it won’t move around. Perfect for the Yeti lover who loves their dog.