At what age can a puppy impregnate another dog? Here’s What to Do Next

Other Factors To Consider for Canine Reproduction

There are a few other things to consider in regards to dog breeding. For instance, it is important to have your dog vaccinated before it breeds. Veterinarians recommend getting your dog vaccinated as early as six weeks to make sure that it remains healthy. Furthermore, our veterinarians can provide advice on semen freezing and storage. In the same way that humans can freeze their sperm for future use, you can do the same for your male dog. This is great if you want to be able to breed your dog later in life.

How Old Should Your Male Pet be for Dog Breeding?

As with anything else, different veterinarians will have a different opinion on the best age to start breeding your male dog. However, most veterinarians recommend waiting until at least six months, with many pushing that back to a year. This decision comes with a lot of variation in terms of the dog’s breed and maturity. However, by one year most dogs are going to be a healthy age for breeding and will also have reached an age where their own qualities are more clear.

Reasons why a male dog cannot breed

Some dogs may suffer from diseases that cause sterility or anatomical malformations that prevent mounting and/or successful copulation. To know for sure whether or not a male dog is fertile, you can consult your veterinarian about a fertility test.

Additionally, hormonal abnormalities, underdeveloped or retained testicles, genital tract infections such as brucellosis, hypothyroidism or fever can all cause infertility in male dogs. Some dog tumors can also cause impotence. It is important to remember that dog breeding should not be carried illegally in homes and/or establishments.

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What age can a dog get pregnant?

Canine reproduction is complex and there are numerous different factors when breeding is considered. All dog caregivers should have knowledge about their dog’s reproductive cycle, sexual maturity and more, especially in the case of avoiding unwanted litters. With male dogs, it is our responsibility as their owner to know when a male dog is fertile. This will prevent both mounting and escape, which ensure your dog is cared for correctly. Not only does male dog fertility bring the possibility or reproduction, but a fertile male dog may change their general behavior.

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Some guardians may ask, when do male dogs experience heat? However, this is a misunderstand of canine fertility. In female dogs, the heat cycle is their reproductive cycle necessary to gestate fetuses to be puppies. Heat manifests itself with clear and obvious symptoms, such as vaginal spotting or an enlarged vulva. In unneutered males, their desire for copulation is a response to the female being in heat. It is activated when they smell the pheromones of a bitch in heat.

Once male dogs reach sexual maturity, they will become frustrated if they cannot mate. When this happens, you may notice behavioral changes stemming from desperation for copulation. Sexually frustrated unneutered male dogs will whine, bark, try to escape, fight with other male dogs, be destructive or mark inappropriately. This behavior which varies depending on external factors, can occur at any time once a male dog has reached sexual maturity.

There are no pills or medication that can relieve the frustration of an unneutered male dog. In order to avoid this anxiety, prevent behavioral problems and control canine overpopulation, we recommend castration for male dogs. Neutering is incredibly beneficial to a dog’s health. Always make sure to consult your veterinarian about your options and the best time for neutering.

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Heat in dogs can only begin once a dog reaches sexual maturity. Before this time, you may notice puppies or young dogs mounting their siblings or objects in their environment. It is important to know that these behaviors at an early age are separate from sexual stimulation. Rather, they are related to curiosity and a part of their learning and development.

So, when does a puppy reach sexual maturity? One of the most obvious signs is when your male dog begins lifting its leg and urinating. This action is also referred to as marking. It is a way in which dogs communicate with other dogs, especially in regards to sexual maturity.

Dog sexual maturity is linked to sperm production and occurs at varied times depending on the breed of the dog. On average, a male dog becomes fertile after 6 and 12 months of age. Smaller dog breeds tend to mature faster than larger dog breeds.

Dogs reach sexual maturity before becoming fully developed. That is why the fertility age of a male dog can be delayed for up to 12 or even 24 months. A male dog is fertile from the beginning of sperm production. This is why the right precautions need to be taken even if they are not fully grown.