Bear Hunting Dog Price

If you are looking for a good guard dog, you may be able to find a Russian Bear Dog for as little as $500. If you want a high-quality dog for showing or breeding purposes, you can expect to pay around $4,000 for one. On average, though, a well-bred Caucasian Mountain Dog puppy will sell for around $2,000.

Is a Russian Bear Dog Right for You?

The Russian bear dog is a beautiful, intelligent dog. However, due to its large size and protective nature, the dog isn’t suitable for some people or lifestyles.

What is a Russian Bear Dog?

Russian Bear Dogs are livestock guardian breed. These are dogs bred to guard flocks of sheep, goats, or cattle from large and dangerous predators such as wolves. This was a solitary job, with little contact from humans aside from their owners. The Caucasian Shepherd’s massive coats are designed not only to protect them from predators, but also to protect them from bitterly cold weather. These are some of the toughest dogs in the world. And their personality reflects that role.

  • Purpose: Livestock guardian, working breed
  • Size: 170lbs in weight, 30 inches tall
  • Temperament: Confident, protective, wary of strangers
  • Russian Bear Dogs have been working alongside their human companions for centuries. The Russian Bear Dog’s original name was the Caucasian Orchavka. The Caucuses are a region comprising of mountains and expansive hilly plains. Orchavka is a Russian term meaning ‘shepherd dog’. And Caucasian signifies the birthplace of this breed.

    Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia all have regions in the caucuses. The AKC breed standard lists the country of origin for this dog specifically as Russia. Hence the name. But it’s not actually limited to this country. The breed occurs throughout the Caucasus region. So, it is possibly even more closely linked with countries like Georgia and Armenia.

    This dog has only recently been fully recognized in the western world. It was first recorded in the AKC’s foundation stock service in 1996. Yet a love of the Russian Bear Dog is fast becoming established in the West.

    Bear Hunting Dog Price

    The Caucasian Mountain Dog is a working dog that still finds itself in active use today, in some of the most remote and rugged parts of the world

    Wolves roam freely in the Caucasus and regularly take down unguarded sheep. So, large, tough dogs are required to protect them. This is the reason Russian Bear Dogs have been bred to be so big, brave and strong.

    Livestock guardian dogs often work in teams. As a group of dogs stands a much better chance against a wolf. It also allows them to be more vigilant, spreading out around the shepherds’ campsites to prevent wolves from sneaking in.

    Bear Hunting Dog Price

    Protecting flocks from wolves in some of the coldest regions of the world needs, thick weatherproof fur. And the Caucasian Shepherd has a magnificent coat to protect against the elements.

    The massive mane together with the dog’s huge size, creates an almost primal impression. Plus, when it comes to fighting wolves thick fur is also an added protection against injury. And in a fight every inch in height and pound in weight counts. So just how big does the Russian Bear Hunting Dog get?

    Bear Hunting Dog Price

    The Caucasian Mountain Dog cuts an imposing figure and stands upwards of 30 inches tall at the shoulder. But, height does vary with sex. And females tend to be a little shorter.

    Bear Dog Russian breed packs some muscle to back up their tall stature! The AKC specifying that males should weigh at least 110 pounds. Many males will reach a massive 160lbs or more

    Are These Dogs Good for Families?

    If you are looking for a good family dog that gets along with other animals and people, the Karelian Bear Dog is not the breed for you. Although these dogs tend to be loyal and loving to their family members, they require a lot of early socialization and training.

    For someone who is willing to work hard to socialize the Karelian Bear Dog, this can be a great breed. Especially if you want a dog to be a phenomenal guard dog or watch dog, the Karelian is a great choice.

    If you have children in the household, you should be careful when getting a Karelian Bear Dog. These dogs tend to love and be overprotective with children, but they can accidentally injure the children just from being too rambunctious. So, it’s best not to have small children just because you don’t want the dog to accidentally hurt your child.

    With these facts in mind, Karelian Bear Dogs are best for active families that have trained difficult dogs before, want a watchdog, and do not have small children in the home. Homes on farms and more rural locations will be best.


    How much does a good bear dog cost?

    In America, a Karelian Bear Dog will typically cost you between $1,400 and $1,700. The exact price will depend on the breeder you select.

    Are bear dogs good pets?

    In general, however, prices are generally between $1,000 and $2,000 for a Caucasian Shepherd. In some cases, you may be able to find a Russian Bear Dog up for adoption through a shelter. The costs of adoption should be less than purchasing one from a breeder and will likely cost a few hundred dollars.

    How much does a Russian guard dog cost?

    Children And Other Pets

    Karelian Bear Dogs are fairly good with children, especially members of their own household. They are playful dogs, though they can be intense and play rough. Always keep an eye on children and dogs during playtime, even if a dog is well trained and not aggressive.