Best Couch For Kids And Pets

Having pets doesnt mean you have to let your sofa go to the dogs (and cats). Discover the best fabric for a pet-friendly couch, along with tips for choosing the sofa thats right for you and your furry friend. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these affiliate links.

Once upon a time, picking out a new piece of furniture was an exciting experience that came down to style, budget and comfort. Enter Fido and Fluffy. While most of us wouldn’t trade our precious pets for the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when every piece of furniture you love looks like it’s just waiting to be destroyed.

As both a dog and cat mom, I’ve experienced this frustration firsthand when picking out a new sofa for my home, and I’ll be the first to admit I’ve made some mistakes in the name of style (cat + linen sofa = major no-no). That said, the sound of razor-sharp claws digging into my brand-new couch is a memory that sticks with me and guides me on future furniture purchases. And while I learned my lesson the hard way, you don’t have to.

On my hunt for a new sofa, I was determined not to make the same mistake twice. I did extensive research to find the best sofas for pet parents, and I was delighted to find several options that boasted durability and style. It seems furniture companies have finally realized pet parents like nice things, too, and I’ve found some seriously beautiful pieces that are actually designed to stand up to claws, drool, hair and whatever else your fur baby can throw at it.

Lazy white ragdoll cat with blue eyes is laying on the couch at the window, with his head upside down and legs in the air

To start, it’s important to understand that every pet is different. While my biggest issues are scratching and shedding, you may be dealing with chewing or incontinence. Start by assessing the biggest issues you face and work from there.

Leather is a great option for many pet parents, particularly dog owners, as it’s easy to clean, repels odors and is generally very resilient. Real leather is the best choice for durability and longevity, but keep in mind it is not impervious to scratches. Look for distressed leather that will camouflage new scratches and look even better with age.

For cat parents, you’ve likely read article after article touting leather and its smooth feel that deters cats from clawing. While that may be the case for some cats, it certainly isn’t the case for mine who adores puncturing holes in my (read: now his) once beloved leather chair. If you have your heart set on leather but aren’t sure how your cat will react, I recommend first buying a smaller, inexpensive item in faux leather. If your cat has no interest in sinking his claws into it, you can feel confident in investing in a real leather sofa.

Seen here in a classic cognac leather, this sleek sofa from Amazon’s Rivet line is a popular choice for buyers as the warm color fits in with most interiors and can be easily wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth — perfect for the occasionally messy pooch.

Available with either a right- or left-facing chaise, this leather sofa is the perfect combination of classy and cozy. Add a throw blanket and some pillows for an ultra-comfy landing spot both you and your pet will adore.

If you think pet-friendly and sophisticated don’t belong in the same sentence, it’s time to take a look at this luxe Chesterfield sofa from Pottery Barn. And with 37 color options to choose from, you’re bound to find a shade that complements your home (and your pet) beautifully.

One great thing about a woven fabric is that it offers dimensionality, making it easier to camouflage stains and hide pet hair. Plus, a tightly woven fabric won’t trap hair like loosely woven fabrics (think tweed, wool and chenille). And while certain woven fabrics make it easy for pets to snag them with their claws, an ultra-tight weave prevents rips from the occasional scratch. Some companies, like Burrow, even test their fabrics against pet scratches to ensure it can stand up to claws as well as stains.

If you want to feel truly seen as a pet parent, look no further than Burrow. Their entire Nomad Collection was created to withstand pet scratches and stains. And the fabric can even be cleaned with a solution of distilled water and bleach. And if that wasnt enough, you can rest easy knowing they only use non-toxic fiber with no chemical additives so its safe for you and safe for Fluffy. Read my full Burrow review here.

Made of 100 percent polyester and featuring removable cushion covers for easy cleaning, this sofa is as durable as it is beautiful, making it an excellent choice for a little midcentury modern moment.

Got a small space and a small budget? You dont have to break the bank to buy your dream couch.

If the thought of microfiber makes you cringe, it’s time to reconsider. This synthetic material has come a long way in recent years and can look incredibly luxe while still offering a lightweight fabric that is easy to clean and resistant to stains and liquid. Plus, the tightly woven threads make it harder for cats to dig their claws into. Microsuede, a type of microfiber designed to mimic real suede, looks and feels like the real thing without the high-maintenance care plan. Velvet microfiber is a great choice for homes with cats due to its durability and the fact that it is composed of loose threads instead of a weave making it difficult to snag.

Gorgeous gray microsuede feels luxe to the touch but can be easily cleaned with water and a mild detergent, making it the chic-but-durable sofa every pet lovers dreams are made of.

A best seller for a reason, this ultra-affordable sofa easily fits in with multiple design styles and is an ideal option for any pet parent who wants to see how a non-woven fabric stands up against their feisty furball.

In need of extra sleeping space for guests but dont have a guest room? Rest easy with these top-rated sleeper sofas.

When I think velvet, I think opulence, and that usually doesn’t go hand in hand with durability. But hear me out. Because velvet doesn’t have the loops of a woven fabric, you won’t have to worry about it getting snagged by sharp claws. For cat owners especially, this is a game-changer. The downside of velvet is that hair does tend to stick, but if you are diligent with a vacuum thats good for pet hair or a lint roller (and let’s face it, pet owners have to be), hair comes off with no problem, leaving a sofa that looks as good as the day you got it. Keep in mind, there are several different types of velvet, and synthetic velvet is going to be the more durable choice for pet owners as its much easier to care for.

Gorgeous in forest green, but also available in navy blue and gray, this striking channel-tufted sofa has glam written all over it. But if being absolutely dazzling were not enough, keep in mind that performance velvet fabric is also scratch-resistant and can be easily cleaned with a vacuum and damp cloth, while metal legs deter chewing.

Ultra-comfy with deep seats and coastal-inspired design, this West Elm sofa is the perfect representation of effortless style. Plus, the cushions are reversible and include removable covers, making this sofa an ideal choice for any household where the occasional mess is inevitable.

A beautiful and budget-friendly option, this gorgeous blue sofa also comes in dark gray and features a reversible chaise, making it extremely versatile and a great option for small spaces. Reviewers rave about the quality for the price, while dog owners mention is does catch hair but wipes clean easily. Cat owners may want to opt for a more durable option as some reviewers mention snagging with cat scratches.

While outdoor fabrics don’t have a reputation for being the comfiest of materials, there are options that are just as comfortable as they are durable, and Sunbrella is one of them. Designed to protect furniture from anything Mother Nature can muster, it’s no wonder this fabric is also able to stand up against your pets. Thankfully, many retailers now directly offer their sofas in Sunbrella fabrics, making it easier than ever to keep your investment protected.

Available in multiple Sunbrella options, as well as several other performance fabrics, this sophisticated sofa boasts beautiful turned wooden legs, deep seats and pleated English arms — perfect for anyone looking to add a little elegance in a pet-friendly package.

Described as “coastal farmhouse,” this Sunbrella-wrapped sofa can fit in anywhere, and the easy-clean fabric and reversible cushions make it a clear choice for pet parents.

Small-space dwellers will adore this petite sleeper sofa that doesn’t skimp on style. A sturdy frame and durable Sunbrella fabric make it an easy pick that caters to pets and overnight guests alike.

If you find yourself wishing you could simply throw your sofa in the washing machine any time your pet makes a mess of things, youre in luck. While machine washing your entire sofa is a bit of a stretch, you could opt for a couch with removable slipcovers that can simply be removed and washed whenever needed. Or, if you arent quite ready to replace your couch but are looking for a way to keep it protected in the meantime, there are a multitude of washable covers to fit every style of sofa.

Boasting ultra-deep seats and three layers of arm and back padding, it’s no wonder this slipcovered couch is literally named “Comfort.” Sink into this cozy sofa with piece of mind knowing you can simply remove and wash the slipcovers as needed. And if things get really messy, you can even replace the covers without having to replace your entire sofa.

With over 70 fabrics to choose from, this slipcovered cutie has an option for everyone. The fact that it’s also a sleeper sofa and has racked up over 500 positive reviews certainly doesn’t hurt either.

If you arent quite ready to replace your existing sofa but are looking for an inexpensive way to protect it in the meantime, this quilted microfiber sofa protector should do the trick. Reversible and machine washable, this budget-friendly buy is a great option for pet parents who want to give their current couch a fighting chance against mud, claws and hair.

Our Top Picks

Now that you’ve learned more about the most durable couches for families, it’s time to start shopping. The following are some of our top picks for the best family couch. These recommendations were selected because of their kid-safe materials, quality construction, and excellent durability.

It’s hard to find a sofa that works with nearly any interior design style, but the West Elm Henry Sofa comes pretty close. It has a classic boxy frame, sits low to the ground on solid wooden legs, and features a sturdy frame made from kiln-dried engineered hardwood. The best part is that it’s available in dozens of different fabrics, from eco-friendly materials to performance materials that are designed to withstand the everyday wear and tear that’s typical in a busy family home. Shoppers can choose from plenty of colors, including lots of mid-tone options that hide pet hair and minor stains.

The seat cushions feature fiber-wrapped, high-resilience polyurethane foam cores with a medium firmness. They’re also flippable, which comes in handy if one side becomes stained or damaged over time. The back cushions are poly-fiber filled, and the covers zip off for ease of cleaning. Specific cleaning instructions vary based on the fabric.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 66 to 96 inches long by 36 inches wide by 36 to 39 inches deep
  • Frame material: Engineered hardwood
  • Removable covers: Yes
  • Pros

  • Cushions feature zip-off covers
  • Many fabrics and colors available
  • Made with an engineered hardwood frame
  • Features a timeless aesthetic
  • Cons

  • Not all available fabrics are kid-friendly
  • Get the West Elm Henry sofa at West Elm.

    The fabric covering the IKEA Kivik sofa is made from recycled polyester, making it a family-friendly choice that’s both economical and eco-friendly. Because it sits almost directly on the ground, it’s perfect for toddlers to climb onto, and since there’s little room underneath, toys won’t get lost underneath on a daily basis. One downside with the Kivik—and IKEA sofas in general—is that they’re available in only a few colors. The Kivik, for example, is available in four colors: gray/beige, gray turquoise, anthracite, and beige. Luckily, plenty of third-party companies sell covers that can be used to customize IKEA sofas.

    The frame is made from a combination of fiberboard, solid wood, plywood, and particleboard The seat cushions are filled with high-resilience polyurethane foam and the back cushions are filled with polyester fiber balls.

    Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 89.75 inches long by 32.625 inches wide by 37.375 inches deep
  • Frame material: Fiberboard, solid wood, plywood, and particleboard
  • Removable covers: Yes
  • Pros

  • Affordable price
  • Removable, machine-washable covers
  • Cover is made from recycled polyester
  • Low profile
  • Cons

    Get the IKEA Kivik sofa at IKEA.

    The best sectional for families should be durable and include a slipcover that’s easy to clean when accidents occur. The Big Sur Sectional from Pottery Barn is a popular option because of its appealing design and customizability. It has an oversize look that’s ultracozy, making it perfect for naps and movie nights. Shoppers can choose whether they want the chaise lounge on the left- or right-hand side depending on the configuration of their living room. They also have the ability to opt for bench seating or individual cushions based on their preference.

    In order to keep this sofa as child-friendly as possible, it’s best to choose one of Pottery Barn’s many performance fabrics, which are designed to withstand plenty of wear and tear without incurring any damage.

    Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 121, 129, or 153 inches long by 37 inches wide by 47/93 inches deep
  • Frame material: Steel
  • Removable covers: Yes
  • Pros

  • Includes extra-deep seats and lumbar pillows
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Highly customizable design
  • Many fabric options are available
  • Cons

    Get the Pottery Barn sectional at Pottery Barn.

    A sleeper sofa makes a great addition to any home, making for a multifunctional space that can be used for lounging or hosting guests as needed. Not all sleeper sofas, however, are made equally. To ensure guests get a good night’s sleep, consider the West Elm Urban Queen Sleeper Sofa, which features a memory foam-topped mattress that uses cooling gel to ensure optimal comfort, no matter the temperature. The mattress is queen-size, and the sofa itself is 89 inches long, meaning it can comfortably seat three people.

    The wood frame and polyester-filled cushions ensure durability, while the removable covers can be professionally cleaned as needed. Shoppers can choose from dozens of upholstery options, including performance fabrics that are designed to withstand stains and tears.

    Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 84 inches long by 34 inches wide by 39 inches deep
  • Frame material: Wood
  • Removable covers: Yes
  • Pros

  • Features a comfortable memory-foam mattress
  • Available in a wide variety of fabrics
  • Includes durable frame and cushion filling
  • Cons

    Get the West Elm sleeper sofa at West Elm.

    The West Elm Kids Foamnasium Blocksy Couch may not function as a primary living room couch, but its soft surface and low profile make it perfect for a kids’ room or playroom. It’s made up of four components: two folding bases and two wedge cushions that can be arranged in myriad ways.

    Because the shell of this toddler sofa is made from 100 percent nylon, it can simply be wiped clean as needed. The material is antimicrobial and fire-retardant, making for an ultrasafe play structure. Both the shell and foam filling are Greenguard Gold certified, ensuring they don’t emit any harmful chemicals. The couch is available in five colors: mint, pewter, baby blue, pink, and gray.

    Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 70 inches long by 19 inches wide by 25 inches deep
  • Frame material: N/A
  • Removable covers: Yes
  • Pros

  • Features easy-to-clean nylon shell
  • Greenguard Gold certified
  • Can be arranged in different ways
  • Cons

    Get the West Elm kids couch at West Elm.

    Midcentury modern style may have originated decades ago, but it has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Opting for a midcentury couch is a great option for a room with vintage flair, and this model from Burrow is our top pick for chic yet kid-friendly homes. The upholstery is made with a synthetic fabric called olefin, which is naturally scratch- and stain-resistant.

    Shoppers have plenty of options for customizing their sofa, from the material used for the hairpin legs to the style of the arms and back cushions. The color selection is relatively limited with just five colors available, but there are a couple of mid-tone options that will conceal pet hair and minor stains.

    Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 86 inches long by 33 inches wide by 35/61 inches deep
  • Frame material: Birchwood
  • Removable covers: No
  • Pros

  • Constructed with a birchwood frame
  • Chaise is reversible for maximum versatility
  • Features built-in USB charger
  • Made with stain- and scratch-resistant material
  • Cons

    Get the Burrow sofa sectional at Burrow.

    Those furnishing a cozy, vintage-inspired space will appreciate the aesthetic of Interior Define’s Maxwell Fabric Sofa. It features English-style rolled arms and is available with ultradeep cushions, making for a comfortable and stylish product. It’s available with a variety of fabrics, and shoppers can customize the leg style, cushion style, cushion filling, length, and depth.

    Interior Define’s line of performance fabrics come in a variety of styles but are all designed to hold up to wear and tear from kids and pets. These materials are tightly woven, durable, and easy to clean. It’s important to note that this sofa is upholstered and doesn’t feature removable slipcovers. The manufacturer recommends using water-free cleaning solvents when removing stains from the cushions.

    Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 82, 86, or 90 inches long by 31 inches wide by 37 or 42 inches deep
  • Frame material: Solid wood
  • Removable covers: No
  • Pros

  • Available in a variety of performance fabrics
  • Highly customizable design
  • Ultradeep cushions available
  • Cons

    Get the Interior Define sofa at Interior Define.

    A modern leather sofa provides a high-end look to any living space and is actually a great choice for households with young children. Because any spills and stains can simply be wiped away, it’s easier to maintain than fabric. Sofas upholstered with top-grain leather, like this one from Abbyson, are even more durable and are also a good choice for dog owners. Cat owners, however, may do better with a fabric sofa that won’t be so easily damaged by sharp claws.

    The cushions are filled with high-density foam, and a solid wood frame increases the sofa’s durability. It’s available in three colors: camel, espresso, and gray.

    Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 80 inches long by 36 inches wide by 36.5 inches deep
  • Frame material: Solid wood
  • Removable covers: No
  • Pros

  • Upholstered with top-grain leather
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Features a solid-wood frame
  • Cons

    Get the Abbyson Holloway sofa on Overstock or Abbyson.

    Those looking for the comfiest sofa available should consider a model with deep seat cushions, like this one from Crate & Barrel. The couches are available in two depths—41 and 46 inches—both of which are substantially deeper than the standard 35 inches seen in most sofas. Its large size allows users to curl up and relax and makes it ultracomfortable for an afternoon snooze.

    The seat cushions are filled with soy-based polyfoam wrapped in a fiber-down blend, and the frame is designed to support cushions and eliminate sagging. Crate & Barrel offers 223 fabric options for upholstery, including nearly 200 that they categorize as kid- and pet-friendly. Care instructions vary based on the fabric chosen, but it’s important to note that this sofa does not have a removable slipcover.

    Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 73 to 105 inches long by 37 inches wide by 41 or 46 inches deep
  • Frame material: Hardwood
  • Removable covers: No
  • Pros

  • Features ultradeep seat cushions
  • Constructed with a hardwood frame
  • Many kid-friendly fabrics available
  • Comes with 4 throw pillows
  • Cons

    Get the Crate & Barrel sofa at Crate & Barrel.

    This stain-resistant couchis sleek and streamlined with on-trend angled legs that lend it a retro feel. The seat cushions are filled with a blend of foam and synthetic fibers, while the upholstery is woven with a polyester blend featuring a tight weave that won’t trap pet hair. The fabric is also UV-resistant, making it a great choice for sunny spaces.

    One downside is that it’s available in only three colors—steel gray, light gray, and dust blue—but luckily all of them are kid-friendly hues that won’t show stains easily. The cushion covers are removable and can be cleaned with either water- or solvent-based cleaners.

    Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 79.13 inches long by 32.28 inches wide by 36.6 inches deep
  • Frame material: Engineered hardwood
  • Removable covers: Yes
  • Pros

  • Features removable cushion covers
  • Upholstered with a tightly woven performance fabric
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Cons

    Get the Upper Square Devale sofa on Wayfair.

    Color and Pattern

    Most couches are available in a variety of colors, and when choosing a couch for a home with children, picking the right color is paramount. While it may seem obvious, it bears noting that white and cream-colored fabrics will inevitably be much more difficult to maintain, whereas mid-tone colors won’t show stains and pet hair as easily. Patterned and textured sofas are even more kid- and pet-friendly because they hide minor stains and imperfections. Since a couch is a major financial investment, it’s important to choose a color or pattern that is relatively timeless rather than something that’s trendy right now.

    Q. Should I get a sectional?

    A kid- and pet-friendly sectional is a great choice for a large household since it provides more seating than a standard three-seater sofa.


    What is the best couch for kids and dogs?

    Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the best pet- and kid-friendly sofas for every style, space, and budget.
    • Best Overall: West Elm Henry Sofa. …
    • Best Budget: Winston Porter Falco 80.1” Round Arm Sofa. …
    • Best Slipcover: IKEA EKTORP Sofa. …
    • Best Sleeper: Joybird Braxton Sleeper Sofa. …
    • Best Modern: Burrow Range 4-Piece One Arm Sectional.

    What kind of couch is the most durable?

    In general, the best material whether you have a dog or a cat, is microfiber. Also known as microsuede, this synthetic material is a pet-lovers dream. It’s easy to clean, hard to scratch or rip, and lasts a long time.