Best Food To Feed Boxer Puppy

The 7 Best Foods for Boxer Puppies

Boxer puppies are highly active and energetic, so they’ll need a diet that can meet their nutritional requirements. Ollie is formulated for dogs of all life stages. We believe that Ollie Dog Food is the best overall dog food for Boxer puppies. When you place your first order, you need to fill in a bunch of information about your puppy, including their current weight, age, breed, body composition, and activity level. This enables Ollie to design a meal plan for your puppy, which is part of a subscription service. Ollie sends the food in appropriate proportions to your door when you need it. This also means you don’t need to lug dog food home from the grocery store. Ollie has fresh recipes with beef, turkey, chicken, and lamb meats that are chopped up and combined with fresh vegetables and fruit. This food is slow cooked and immediately frozen to retain the nutrients and freshness. There are also kibble recipes in beef and chicken flavors that are gently baked in small batches. The only con with this food is that it’s only available within the continental U.S., which means Hawaii, Alaska, and the rest of the world must miss out. Plus, it’s expensive. Check with your vet before buying any new dog food, but overall, Ollie Dog Food is an ideal diet for almost any puppy.Pros

  • Natural and fresh ingredients
  • No artificial ingredients
  • “Buy it and forget it” subscription
  • Slow cooked and then frozen to retain nutrients and freshness
  • Perfect for most energetic Boxer puppies
  • Cons

  • Expensive
  • Only available to the continental U.S.
  • Iams ProActive Health Puppy Dry Food— Best Value

    Iams ProActive Health Smart puppy food is specially designed for puppies like Boxers. Your pup can enjoy this food for up to 24 months before switching to adult food. This is considered one of the best dog foods for Boxer puppies for the money, and for good reason — you get more bang for your buck. This nutritious dog food features natural fish oil, chicken, and eggs, to name just a few healthy ingredients your pooch is sure to enjoy devouring.

    While this recipe has complete nutrition for your Boxer puppy, it doesn’t feature the same important antioxidants from fruits and veggies that our first pick on this list has. Even though this option is a little more affordable than our first pick, it’s still a financial responsibility that can be burdensome to keep up with as your little Boxer puppy becomes a big Boxer dog.Pros

  • Specially made for puppies up to 24 months
  • Made with natural fish oil
  • Features whole food ingredients
  • Cons

  • Lacks in fruit and veggie nutrition compared to other options
  • More expensive than other similar options
  • Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Food For Boxer Puppies

    When choosing a high-quality puppy food for your Boxer, you will have to read the ingredients list. Once you choose a puppy food to feed your Boxer puppy, you should stick with it until you are ready to switch to an adult food. Changing foods is hard on the digestion system and can result in problems like constipation, diarrhea, and discomfort.

    You should feed your Boxer puppy food designed specifically for puppies until they are at least a year old before you consider feeding them adult dog food. This will help ensure that your pooch gets all the nutrients they need while growing.


    Do Boxers need large breed puppy food?

    Despite the popularity of convenience foods like kibble, Boxer puppies do best on a fresh, natural canine diet. The essential components of an optimal diet for a Boxer puppy are: Edible raw, meaty bones (chicken wings, necks, carcasses) Lean muscle meat (beef, chicken, rabbit, kangaroo, venison, goat etc)

    Which dog food is best for Boxers?

    The best dog food for boxers is a large-breed recipe formulated for your dog’s life stage. Boxer puppies need a large-breed formula to prevent them from growing too quickly, which can put stress on the bones and joints and increase the risk for musculoskeletal issues later in life.