Best Soft Kibble Dog Food

Soft dry dog food is a type of dog food that falls between hard, dry kibble and luscious, liquid gravies. These foods can be dry, pre-packaged, and ready-to-eat, just like their counterparts, the only difference is that they are tender and chewy.

Dry soft dog food is great for those dogs that either dislike regular hard kibble or have weak teeth. If they have trouble chewing, or their teeth have worn down from old age, soft dry dog food works wonders. Soft dry food is also called semi-moist dog food and comes in a variety of textures. Ranging from all soft to a mix of soft and hard kibble, there’s something for every dog.

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Shredded Blend Dry Dog Food — Vet’s Choice

Main ingredients: Chicken, rice, whole-grain wheat, poultry by-product meal, soybean meal
Protein content: 26%
Fat content: 16%
Calories: 387 per cup

Real chicken is the first ingredient in Purina Pro Plan High Protein Shredded Blend Dry Dog Food. Combined with rice, this food is a great option for high protein and energy. Hard kibble pieces are mixed with tender shredded bites for a texture variety.

Vitamin A and omega fatty acids keep coats and skin healthy and soft. Live probiotics are included for digestive health and immune support. This formula has a protein-to-fat ratio that is designed to help your dog maintain their ideal weight and body condition. This recipe also contains glucosamine for joint health.

Some of the tender pieces in this bag get smashed under the weight of the kibble. Dog owners have noticed crumbs at the bottom of the bag. Pros

  • High protein content
  • Probiotics and glucosamine in the formula
  • Designed to promote an ideal body condition
  • Cons

  • Kibble and tender pieces crumble in bag
  • Yumwoof Perfect Kibble Artisanal Dog Food

    Main ingredients: Chicken, eggs, organic coconut oil, organic coconut glycerin, organic flaxseed
    Protein content: 28%
    Fat content: 28%
    Calories: 375 per cup

    The soft and chewy texture of Yumwoof Perfect Kibble Artisanal Dog Food is sure to entice any dog. The food is made in small batches and baked at 170°F to retain its flavor and texture. Using just 14 ingredients, this food contains no artificial fillers or preservatives.

    Real, fresh chicken is the first ingredient for a high protein content. Antioxidants and healthy fats are added for immune and skin health. Blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin, and seaweed provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber for easy digestion. The recipe was crafted by a chef and a veterinary nutritionist, so you know that your dog is getting the nutrients that they need in a soft dry food that is enjoyable to eat.

    Unfortunately, the soft texture can cause this food to crumble inside the bag. The food is easily smashed and turns into crumbs. Pros

  • Uses 14 healthy ingredients
  • Crafted by a veterinary nutritionist and a chef
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Cons

  • Food crumbles inside the bag
  • Expensive for the package size
  • 1 The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Dog Food

    The Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food is an excellent choice for soft dry dog food. You can use it as a complete meal, a topper, or any other dry food for your picky eaters.

    Other than chicken, you can also find turkey, beef, chicken & duck, beef & salmon, and different flavors in this dog food range. This dog food formula is free of grains and contains human-grade ingredients. It is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs.

    The Honest Kitchen uses a gentle dehydration method to prepare the dog food, ensuring no nutrient loss and maximum flavors.


  • It improves digestion
  • It helps with skin allergies
  • FDA approved
  • Cons

  • Picky eaters may not like the texture
  • An additional step is to prepare the food
  • FAQ

    What is the best soft food for a dog?

    1. The Best Overall: Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Senior Wet Dog Food Chicken. We found the brand Blue Buffalo to have the best choice when it comes to soft dog food. This brand features soft, wet dog food in a pate style that is a great source of high-quality protein made from real chicken.

    Is kibble or soft food better for dogs?

    Senior dogs, puppies, and dogs with dental issues may benefit from soft dry dog food because it’s easier to chew than just hard kibble. If you prefer not to feed your dog canned food, soft dry dog food is a good option.

    How can I make my dog’s dry food soft?

    Dental health benefits: Dry food encourages dogs to chew their food, which aids in preventing tartar buildup and secondary periodontal disease. Convenience: Compared to wet food, dry diets are much easier to pre-portion, and they won’t spoil if left out all day. This can be beneficial for dogs that are grazers.