Best Treats For Pitbulls

If you’re using clicker training to train your pit bull–and we highly recommend that you do–you’re going to need treats.

But not just any treats. In order to be suitable for training, treats must meet certain criteria.

Cow and Pig Ears

These all-natural and 100% digestible animal ear chews can withstand the powerful gnawing of dogs with big appetites such as pit bulls. These tasty, nutritious dog treats are a perfect alternative to rawhide for those who may be squeamish about giving their pets something that is not edible.

Dog owners have long been frustrated by how difficult it has been finding an appropriate chew toy for their pet’s chewing needs while also considering other factors like nutrition benefits or environmental impact on animals used in products, which often comes at the cost of diminishing flavour appeal or durability over time. Fortunately there exists now these healthy cow ears made from pure beef hide without any artificial additives!

7 Treats for Training and Health Care

Keeping a puppy or adult Pitbull is essential, but that is not all he needs. There are occasions which require special treats, like for puppies, for training, to promote hip and joint support, to prevent anxiety and more. Here are the types:

Stuffed and Filled Dog Bones

Put some variety in your dogs’ treats with these delectable bones that are stuffed with cheese and bacon or peanut butter, as they make some of the best bones for Pit Bulls. Your pit bulls are going to have lots of fun licking the flavorful fillings off these femurs. Let them beat the stress and boredom with these long-lasting chew treats. Like cow hooves, you can also pick the hollow ones that let you choose your dog’s favorite flavors.

These durable chews are a good alternative to antlers. Large dogs and aggressive chewers who are trying to shed some of that extra weight off can benefit from chewing on hollow bullhorns that are sourced from free-range cattle. If your pit bull doesn’t have any weight issues, treat him to some mouthwatering peanut-butter filled bullhorns.

Rawhide alternatives such as cow ears keep dogs occupied with some chewing fun for a long time. These all-natural and 100% digestible animal ear chews can withstand the powerful gnawing of dogs with big appetites such as pit bulls. These chews may look strange to you, but dogs are in love with these tasty and nutritious dog treats that boast of supporting canine joint health.

Can’t decide between rawhides and bully sticks? You don’t have to make the hard decision. Bully stick-rawhide braids are made of your dog’s two favorite things to chew on! While classic rawhide chews are not advisable for power chewers like pit bulls, the combination with pizzle sticks make them one of the most durable chew products.

Are you looking for good dog treats for pitbull puppies? Go for beef esophagus chews that come from grass-fed beef. You may wonder what’s so good about these strange-looking things. Well, they’re actually a single-ingredient dog treat which means that there are no artificial flavors or other toxic additives that may poison your pups. These chews come in medium (about 6 inches long) and large (approximately 10 inches long).


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