Best Whitening Shampoo For Dogs

White dogs are inexplicably enchanting. But maintaining their silky, bright white coat can be a problem when it suffers from discoloration and presents dark overtones.

Have you tried all the expensive or inexpensive brands of shampoos and conditioners to whiten your dog?

There are so-called ‘best whitening shampoos for dogs’ available in the market that leave a blue or yellowish hue or turn the coat’s color to off-white—which you don’t want.

But every cloud has a silver lining. There are products that the groomers use and vets recommend that are guaranteed to bring out your dog’s beauty.

What To Look For In Whitening Shampoo For Dogs?

There are various types of whitening shampoo for dogs, each of them meant to achieve something different.

Not all cases are exactly the same, so it’s very important to understand what the root of the problem is in order to know which type to use.

  • Bluing Shampoos. Bluing shampoos add optical enhancers to the coat, making it appear brighter. Bluing elements help neutralize brassy, orange tones while keeping hair bright and light. Human forms of bluing shampoos are often popular with blonds!
  • Clarifying Shampoos. Clarifying shampoos add brightness and remove stains, but should be used carefully because of their harshness. Clarifying shampoos are powerful and great at removing waxes, oils, residue, and other build-up on your dogs coat. This means they’re especially good to use if you’re putting other products on your dog’s coat. However, they shouldn’t be used too often since they are very strong and can be damaging if overused.
  • Enzymatic Shampoo. Another option is getting an enzymatic shampoo that dissolves particles, making it ideal for removing stains caused by urine, blood, tear and saliva.
  • Bleaching Shampoos. Bleaching shampoos are a more radical solution that should be handled with extra caution, being capable of removing color from dark coats and, if overused, even damaging both hair and skin.
  • Dye-Based Shampoos. Finally, there are shampoos that, instead of removing stains, cover them with a dye.
  • Best Whitening Shampoo For Dogs

    Ultimately, what it comes down to is the gravity of the case. If it isn’t too bad, a soft brightening shampoo can be used to enhance the natural color of the dog’s coat. However, if the hair is too stained, it might be smart to go with something stronger.

    K9 of Mine Tip: We recommend avoiding harsh ingredients whenever possible, as they can hurt your dog’s coat and skin over time.

    Start with a mild dog fur whitening shampoo, and then try more aggressive treatments if your first attempt doesn’t work.

    The 10 Best Shampoos for White Dogs

    Key ingredients: Aloe, coconut, and plant-derived cleansers
    Suitable for: Dogs and cats of all ages
    Scent: Coconut cream

    Frisco Brightening Cat & Dog Shampoo with Aloe is a paraben-free formula that brightens your white pooch’s dull fur. It contains aloe, coconut, and plant-derived cleansers for an all-natural cleanser and brightener. It removes stains, but it also conditions your doggie’s skin and coat.

    This formula contains violet flowers that whiten and restore the brilliance in white coats, and it’s safe for dogs and cats of all ages. This shampoo will remove tear stains, but be careful to not get the shampoo in your pet’s eyes, as it is not tear-free.

    The scent is a calming coconut cream that’s not too strong, and it comes in a 20-ounce bottle or a 1-gallon bottle at a reasonable price. With the all-natural ingredients and reasonable price, this shampoo is our pick for the best overall shampoo for white dogs. Pros

  • Contains aloe, coconut, and plant-derived cleaners
  • Removes stains and brightens coats
  • Pleasant coconut scent
  • Reasonable price
  • Cons

    What’s The Importance of Using Dog Shampoo?

    Before discussing whitening shampoo, let’s get into the importance of dog shampoo in general.

    It should be clarified that, although occasional use of human shampoo on dogs may not be harmful, frequent use of human shampoo on dogs can be very damaging to your dog’s skin.

    In addition to hurting your dog’s skin, human shampoo can have extremely negative effects on your dog’s coat, sometimes even causing hair-loss.

    Why can’t dogs handle human products? Dogs have a much higher level of pH in their skin, making it that much more sensitive to the acidic nature of human shampoo.

    For this reason, it’s highly recommended to use specialized products for dogs that have been designed for their hair and skin. Human shampoo just won’t cut it for canines!


    What is the best whitening shampoo for dogs?

    Best Whitening Shampoos for Dogs
    • Wahl White Pear Brightening Shampoo for Pets. …
    • Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets. …
    • BioSilk Therapy Whitening Shampoo for Dogs. …
    • Bio-Groom Super White Pet Shampoo. …
    • Petpost Dog Whitening Shampoo. …
    • Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo for Dogs. …
    • Angels’ Eyes Whitening Pet Shampoo.

    Are whitening shampoos good for dogs?

    Whitening dog shampoos are specially formulated to brighten white fur and remove stains. If your dog’s coat is looking dingy, or they’ve recently rolled in something dirty, a whitening shampoo can help clean and brighten them up more than regular dog shampoo.