Bichon Frise Teddy Bear Cut

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The Fluffy Ear

The Fluffy Ear hair cut is another low maintenance Bichon Frise cut that emphasizes the fuzzy ears. Given this is a short hair Bichon Frise haircut there is no need to fluff it out, so maintenance is kept low. This hairdo works great with accessories, looks good with a collar, and is short enough to wear costumes.

The Regular Dog

The Regular Dog haircut is easy to maintain and requires you to trim the hair close to the body and around the ears. You don’t need to fluff it out as much, and It trades the unique look of the Bichon Frise for a more traditional looking, low maintenance pet.

Lamb Cut (Lamb Trim or Puppy Cut)

The Bichon Frise lamb cut, aka puppy cut or lamb trim, is a good way to give your Bichon a short haircut.

Many like to employ the lamb cut as a summer haircut to help keep her cool, or to otherwise keep her coat neat and clean.

A lamb cut results in a close-cropped haircut all over the Bichon’s trunk and legs, while keeping the fur on her head and tail long.

The lamb cut is actually the direct opposite of the show cut.

The utility cut is a simpler cut that keeps your Bichon looking neat but doesn’t require a lot of work to maintain.

For this reason, it is one of, if not the most popular of the Bichon Frise haircut styles out there.

Let’s put it this way – if you give your Bichon a show cut, you would scream to see her playing around in the mud afterward.

The utility cut, however, gives her a little more freedom to play.

You don’t even have to fluff up her coat with a utility cut if you don’t want to. Simply clip her coat close to her skin…and you’re done.

Basically, all you’re really doing is giving her a close shave.

This eliminates the possibility of any problems with mats or tangling, and you can easily maintain her coat with the clippers when it starts to look long.

The Bichon Frise show cut, or Bichon cut, is another popular type of Bichon Frise haircut and is the exact opposite of the lamb cut.

Here, rather than strip the Bichon of most of her fur, the groomer overly works what is there.

The groomer leaves the Bichon’s undercoat thick and puffed-out here, while giving the outer coat a coarse and curly look.

The end result is a Bichon who looks like a puffed-up cotton ball, and it’s truly adorable!

Something else that makes the show cut different from the lamb cut is that the groomer does it entirely with scissors – no buzzer whatsoever.

This is a tough haircut for the Bichon Frise, so you don’t want to visit just any groomer for this.

You’ll also need to take your Bichon to the groomer monthly to keep up this look.

On your end, you’ll have to brush and comb her every day to prevent mats and tangles.

The Bichon Frise teddy bear cut, unlike the show cut, requires clippers.

Here, you trim the fur on your Bichon’s side and back to a quarter-inch but leave the rest of her fur longer.

It’s up to you how long you’d like to keep the remainder of her fur, but most people go with about a half-inch all around.

Next, you trim the fur around her face to round it out and help her look more like a teddy bear!

You need to round her fur off at her forehead so that it matches the length of her coat.

Finally, leave enough fur on her head to put it into a top knot – that is, if you like that look.

The panda cut is a great way to give your Bichon a haircut without spending a lot of time on the process.

The panda cut is essentially a longer version of the puppy cut. Here, you keep the fur on her head, chest, tail, and behind her legs longer for a shaggier look.

Once the haircut is complete, however, you still need to do a bit of work to maintain its beauty, but it doesn’t require as much work as the show cut.

You’ll need to brush her every couple of days to keep her free of mats and tangles.


What is the difference between a teddy bear cut and a puppy cut?

Teddy bear cuts are similar to puppy cuts in that they involve an even cut around the whole body. The only difference is that they’re geared more towards curly-haired dogs like Poodles, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and any other -oodle you can think of!

What is a puppy cut for Bichon Frise?

The teddy bear cut is a Poodle or Doodle cut in which the hair is kept at about 1-2 inches long at all parts of the dog’s body, including the face. Traditional Poodle cuts have the face shaved closely to the skin. If shaved, the face looks more serious, regal and show-dog like.