Big Jake Film Location

Written as The Million Dollar Kidnapping, which was used as the shooting title, it was filmed from early October to early December 1970, in the Mexican states of Durango and Zacatecas, including scenes shot at the El Saltito waterfall and in the Sierra de Órganos National Park.

Where was Big Jake Filmed? Big Jake is a 1971 Technicolour Western film by George Sherman. John Wayne and Richard Boone were the main cast of this film. It garnered over $7.5 million in the United States, which made it one of the biggest hits from that year. Martha McCandles’ family goes for a massive ranch, and they are attacked by Richard Boone and their Fain Gang. Moreover, They kill all the members of the ranch. But the 8-year-old Jake McCandles is kidnapped.

This creates a huge mess, and both his sons believe that the money is stolen. But Jake convinces them and assures them that this was planned by him and Martha. After everything is settled, Pop Dawson arrives and informs the gang about the meetup. He explains all the rules to them and warns them about their moves because their sharp rifle shooter is closely aiming towards little Jake. Big Jake convinces him about Michael’s death.

The writers have strongly depicted the roles of all the characters. Maureen O’ Hara as Martha McCandles. She is a very strong and independent woman who sets out her departed husband to look for their grandchild. The movie is well-structured with action and high-end dialogues. Fans appreciate the cinematography and the storyline. Big Jake’s character is very impressive to most of them. His violent, unsentimental, and smart nature has caught everyone’s attention. But some fans are disappointed by Wayne’s portrayal as his character is not up to the mark. However, the movie made its benchmark, and people still love to watch it even after so many years.

The family is warned about risking the child’s life. If anything happens, they’ll send back the child’s dead body. Even though Big Jake is hired to do all the work, he doesn’t do anything as per the gang’s way. They reach Mexico the next day, and they’re fully aware of the other gang’s intentions to steal the box with the ransom money. Big Jake is sure that they have a close watch on them, so he sets a trap and kills all the bandits. Between all these things, the box is ripped open, and it’s full of newspaper clippings instead of money.

The kidnappers flee to their hideout in Mexico. The kidnappers placed a ransom of 1 million dollars, so Martha McCandles asks her estranged husband Big Jake McCandles to get her grandson back. Martha knows one thing for sure that he’s the only man who can bring her grandson back alive. Many people think that Big Jake is dead, but he’s still alive. He’s got other plans to successfully get Jake back.

From there, Wayne’s star ascended ever higher throughout the decades. He became an internationally recognized symbol of American ideals, formed a production company (Batjac Productions), and became the father of seven children. By the time Big Jake was filmed, eldest son Michael had graduated to the role of producer, son Patrick was cast as his onscreen son James McCandles, and his youngest, Ethan, portrayed his grandson Little Jake.

Big Jake was more than just another Wayne picture. The full-fledged family production featured Wayne’s three real-life sons—Michael, Patrick and Ethan. It also served as a poignant visual bellwether of how far Wayne had come—as a Hollywood star, a cultural icon and a powerful patriarch in the midst of passing important lessons down to a new generation.

During his time at Fox, Wayne would forge relationships with legendary creative heavyweights in Hollywood, notably directors John Ford and Raoul Walsh. Morrison’s first speaking role was in the 1929 Ford film Salute, and his first starring role came courtesy of director Raoul Walsh, who cast him in The Big Trail (1930). Nearly 10 years of film work followed until Wayne’s 1939 breakout role as Ringo Kid in Ford’s hit Stagecoach launched him into the Hollywood stratosphere.

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In May 1971, a new John Wayne movie was released—Big Jake. The Technicolor Western cast Wayne in familiar territory, playing the role of Jacob “Big Jake” McCandles, who’s come home to avenge an attack on his ranch and rescue his grandson Little Jake from the deadly Fain Gang. Big Jake also starred Christopher Mitchum, son of actor Robert Mitchum, and Wayne’s good friend and contemporary Maureen O’Hara as his estranged wife Martha McCandles.

Where was Where Was Big Jake (1971)filmed?

It was filmed from early October to early December 1970, in the Mexican states of Durango and Zacatecas, including scenes shot at the El Saltito waterfall and in the Sierra de Órganos National Park.


Where was the McCandles ranch in Big Jake?

McCandless Ranch sits on the southwest slope of Mauna Loa in the South Kona Forest Legacy Area between 4,000 and 7,000 feet in elevation.

Was there a real McCandles ranch?

Third, the McCandles Ranch was based on the King Ranch, which still exists, but which is over 740 miles from Lincoln, New Mexico, and not likely to be described, as Burt describes it, as someplace close by.

Was Big Jake a true story?

John Wayne, Patrick Wayne and Christopher Mitchum in Big Jake.