Blanket Over Puppy Crate

Should you cover your dog’s crate? Owners are constantly trying to find new ways to make the crate more appealing, cozy, and welcoming for their dogs. After all, the crate can be such a useful tool when our dog actually enjoys being in there.

This article contains everything you need to know, and includes 9 useful tips on making the crate your dog’s favorite place.

The short answer is that it depends on your dog. Although covering your dog’s crate with a blanket has it’s positives, not all dogs like it. Covering the crate might help a nervous dog feel more calm and safe, while for others it could cause them to fear the crate even more.

Should you put a blanket over dog crate?

3) Acts As A Good Bedtime Que

Just like how we shut off the lights and get under the blankets is our bedtime que, placing a blanket over your dog’s crate can act as their bedtime que!

If you don’t want to have a blanket over their crate all the time, solely doing it at night time is great to help signal to them it’s time to go to sleep.

This trains them to gradually wind down when a blanket is placed over their crate.

Reduces Barking From Easily Excitable Dogs

As a dog crate cover reduces visual stimuli, it can prevent your dog from barking and getting over-excited. With a blanket draped over your dog’s crate they will not be able to see as much movement outside the crate whether that is within the home or outside a window. Hence they will not react as often by barking, making the environment much calmer.

1) Put an old unwashed t-shirt in his crate

One thing you can do is take an old, unwashed t-shirt of yours, and place it in his cate. Your puppy will be able to smell you at all times and this will be extremely reassuring for him. It will help him think that you are nearby at all times.

Only use an old t-shirt for when you’re going to bed or leaving the house. This way, it will still act as a comforter, but he won’t become completely reliant upon it. It’s good for your puppy to learn that sometimes it will be there, and sometimes it won’t. This will prove more effective when you need to leave him for longer durations.

After 4 months of age, the chances of him ripping it increases, so you may consider stopping it after 16 weeks.

One less t-shirt you’ll have to wash