Blue American Bully Puppy

Does the Blue American Bully Drool a Lot?

Blue Bullies tend to drool a lot because of their large cheeks. Drooling is perfectly normal for dogs. However, this should not mean that it’s normal for them to drool too much.

If you notice that your Blue American Bully is drooling excessively, then the dog needs to be checked for it can be a sign of an underlying sickness.

Are Blue American Bullies Good Family Dogs?

Blue American Bully Puppy

Absolutely! The Blue Bullies are a perfect example of a family dog breed. As stated earlier, American Bullies are bred as companions at home, so it’s not surprising that they are exceptional pets to their families.

They are sweet, loving, gentle, and naturally playful buddies that one will enjoy spending time with.

Do Blue American Bullies Like to Cuddle?

Once you decide to bring home a Blue American Bully, you better be ready for hugs. This breed is so sweet and warm that they crave your attention most of the time, if not always.

They would follow you around the house. When they notice you are not busy, expect them to come to you for cuddles and kisses.


How much is a blue American Bully?

Are Blue American Bullies Rare? Solid blue, blue merle, and blue brindle American Bullies are not rare, even though they seem to be. They are some of the most common colors for Bullies, along with black and fawn. However, the same cannot be said for the blue tricolor American Bully.

What two dogs make a bully?

If you’re serious about getting a blue American Bully, be prepared to set aside at least $2,000 and possibly as much as $5,000. These are the prices you should expect to pay if you approach a reputable, ethical American Bully breeder.