Blue Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull Puppies

Buying a Razor Edge Pitbull Puppy

So you’ve searched “Razor Edge Pitbulls For Sale” in Google.

You feel overwhelmed with the choices.

That’s why we’ve put together this concise list of breeders to help you.

Table B – List of Razor Edge Pitbull breeders

Name of Breeder Location Contact Name Contact Details Deposit Required Price
Blue Fire Pits* Upstate, new York Unknown (607) 229 8737 [email protected]Website $500 $3,500
Crump Bullies** Atlanta, Georgia Reggie and Lorraine Crumpton (770) 510 9175 [email protected]Website $500 Start at $5500
Muglestons Pitbull Farm** Unknown Aaron Mugleston (918) 218 4567Website Unknown Unknown
Finest Pitbulls Made Milan, Tennessee Unknown (801) 335 6770 [email protected]Website $1,000 $2,500
Blue Iron Kennel Jacksonville, Florida Josh (904) 517 4100 [email protected]Website Unknown Unknown
Nola Blue Pitbulls*** New Orleans Brian (504)600-6514 [email protected]Website $500-$1,000 $2,000-$3,000
Pitbull Empire *** Marietta, Georgia Bridget and Earl Collins (404) 431 4846 [email protected]Website $500 Unknown

*Registered with American Bully Kennel Club

**Registered with American Bully Kennel Club and United Kennel Club.

Crump Bullies, Muglestons Pitbull Farm and Finest Pitbulls Made ship their puppies throughout the USA and internationally.

Finest Pitbulls Made also offers dog training support.

Appearance of the Blue Razor Edge Pitbulls

The Razor Edge Pitbull has an appearance that is quite distinct from how they are bred, ensuring they look different from other pit bull breeds.

The head of this Pitbull is large with a square muzzle.

This can give them an aggressive look if you do not know the dog.

The color of the nose can be different depending on the breed and the gene pool it has. Typically though, the nose will match the color of the coat on the rest of the dog.

The ears on a Blue Razor Edge Pitbull can either be cropped or pointy depending on the gene pool in which it was created. The facial expressions of this particular breed may seem to be dopey, but in fact, they are quite smart animals whose large heads and squashed muzzle can make it appear the opposite.

The build of this Pitbull is a very short, stocky, and strong build.

These dogs were built to have a strong chest and thick legs. Just like any other Pitbull breed, they have a muscular physique and a healthy body. However, the end of the Blue Edged Razor Pitbull is shorter and stockier than a normal Pitbull.

Gender is a significant factor in how much these Pitbulls weigh. The Razor Edge Pitbull’s weight is mainly muscle which can be a factor in determining its weight and size.

Table A – Weight and Size of an adult Razor Edge Pitbull

Male Female
Height 18-19 inches 17-18 inches
Weight 55-70 pounds 40-55 pounds

Blue Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull Puppies

The color of a Blue Razor Edge Pitbull can differ. Depending on the genes passed to the Pitbull, the colors will vary. Nevertheless, the perception is that the color of most of these Pitbulls alternate between the shades of gray and black. They also have white markings on their face, chest, and feet.

This type of Pitbull coat is a deficient shedding dog, meaning that your grooming schedule does not have to be consistent.

The consistency of the coat is short and stiff, with glossy color. This can help with the shedding as well. Also, the coat will only contain one color meaning it will typically match the dog’s nose.

Tri color Gotti Pitbull

Tri-color coats are extremely rare among Pitbulls, and it can be challenging to find a purebred tricolor Gotti Pit. As the name suggests, these Pitbulls have three colors on their coats.

For more information: Check out Tri Color Pitbull (Complete Guide)


What is a razor edge Gotti pitbull?

There are quite a few breeders that specialize in this breed. However, because of their rarity and the amount of careful breeding involved, these dogs can often cost anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000. Some breeders may sell dogs for as much as $35,000.

What is a blue Razor Edge Pitbull?

Blue Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull. A blue Gotti Razor Pitbull (or blue Razor Gotti Pitbull) is a blue-coated Pitbull with the Razor Edge and Gotti bloodlines. Gotti Razor Edge blue Pitbulls are also called American Bullies or Bully Pitbulls. Fun Fact: American Bully and American Bulldog are two different dog breeds.