Blue Merle Pitbull Puppies

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Do Kennel Clubs Like the AKC Recognize Merle Pitbull?

The American Kennel Club, American Dog Breeders Association, and other associations do not accept any registration of merle Pitbulls. This is quite a controversial and ongoing topic that’s been around for ages.

Their reason goes beyond the color of the dog and more has to do with health risks associated with the merle gene. Some studies have concluded that merle Pitbulls or any dog that has this gene are more likely to develop reduced vision and hearing.

However, other researchers debunk this claim entirely. The American Pit Bull Registry believes that there is no concrete evidence to prove that merle Pitbulls have an increased risk of health issues than the average Pitbull population.

They also claim that the merle gene existed many decades ago among purebred Pitbulls as documented by researchers at that time.

These mixed opinions and opposition from different associations have limited merle Pitbulls from being recognized and registered.

Blue Merle Pitbull Puppies

The merle gene present in merle Pitbulls creates patches of color on a dog’s solid coat color. This gene can affect all dog colors but is more difficult to see on recessive red dogs.

Aside from altering the dog’s coat color, the merle gene also affects the pigments of the dog’s eyes and nose. Because the merle gene causes random modification, it’s also possible to have puppies with different colored eyes.

It’s recommended to only breed a merle dog with a non-merle to avoid the existence of double merle genes. “Double Merle” dogs are more prone to developing several health problems and are at a higher risk of having vision and hearing deficiencies.

However, there are instances when a seemingly non-merle dog produces a merle offspring. This kind of incident happens when a dog is carrying a cryptic or “phantom merle” mates with a non-merle dog. These types of dogs do not appear merle, but in reality, possess the merle gene.

The merle gene is also often associated with other dog breeds like the Australian Shepherd, Border Collies, Corgis, Dachshunds, Catahoula Leopard Dogs, and Great Danes.

Merle Pitbull Temperament: Do They Make Good Family Companions?

Blue Merle Pitbull Puppies

Similar to normal Pitbulls, the merle Pitbull might have the same “bad reputation” when it comes to their temperament. Often, Pitbulls are labeled as vicious and dangerous, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

In reality, “bad Pitbulls” are just victims of irresponsible ownership and cruelty to animals.

In fact, when the American Temperament Testing Society conducted a study among 931 Pitbulls, a surprise 814 passed the test, which means that this breed had an impressive 87.4% pass rate.

If you’re wondering if this number is good enough, the stats also revealed that America’s most loved Golden Retrievers had a close 85.6% pass rate.

The number indicates that Pitbulls are less likely to show aggression than Golden Retrievers. Shocking? Well, here are other facts about the breed.

  • Active: Your merle Pitbull is an active breed of dog; therefore, it will require regular walks and exercises. They are best in homes with large open spaces for them to run around and remain active. If you plan to get a Pitbull but have a sedentary lifestyle, then don’t blame your pitties when the couch is left in shreds.
  • Loving: In contrast to what many people believe, this breed is the ultimate lovebug. They are very loving and loyal to their families and expect to be loved and cuddled as if they’re little babies. They thrive effortlessly in family settings and are very good with children when both are taught how to interact correctly with each other.
  • People Pleaser: Your merle Pitbull will have a constant need to please you. They crave attention and praise. They are more than eager to follow commands. This type of behavior has contributed heavily to Pitbull’s bad reputation for being vicious and aggressive. Because they are so keen to please humans, bad owners can easily manipulate them to do bad things.
  • Merle American bully and pitbull puppies

    Our Merle XL & XXL American bully pit-bull puppies are out of this world gorgeous! We have some of the biggest merle bully bloodlines. This strikingly beautiful coloration is quickly becoming a passion for us. When you get a merle from our kennel, you are getting a next-level merle bully.

    XL Merle American Bullies. We are a kennel located in Oklahoma, however, we do ship our merles anywhere in the United States. Our merle Pitbull puppies are world-renowned. We have merle Bully puppies and merle pitbull pups in homes in Texas cities such as Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth, Waco, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, and Galveston. If you are searching for that perfect merle Bully Pitbull puppy, Mugleston Kennels produces the quality merle Pitbull puppy you expect from a breeder such as us.

    Blue Merle Pitbull Puppies


    How much is a merle pitbull puppy worth?

    What is this? On average, top of the line merle Pitbulls can cost from $15,000 to $30,000. They cost double and even triple the usual price of non-merle Pitbulls. Usually, kennels sell their puppies by picks.

    What is a blue merle Pit?

    However, you should be aware that these dogs can be costly. One breeder charges $35,000 for the 1st pick of a merle litter. If you want a very merle puppy, you’ll need to plan on spending quite a bit on your puppy. A puppy’s parents should be health tested before they are bred.

    How much does a blue pitbull cost?

    Merle pit bulls are simply pit bulls who display the merle color mutation. The merle color pattern varies greatly, but it typically causes dogs to have patches and swirls of both full and diluted colors. Unfortunately, the merle gene can also cause other changes in a dog’s appearance and health.