Blue Nose Pit Xl

We take pride in breeding the best XL Pitbulls and XL American Bullies for you and your family. Monster Bully Kennels does everything in our power to make sure you are happy with your purchase; including offering the worlds best guarantee! We spend months and sometimes years planning our breedings. Health and temperament are our top priorities, but it doesnt stop there! We look at things like structures, muscle definition, head-size, color and over a dozen other attributes to ensure that we breed nothing but the best for you!

There are a lot of fly by night breeders out there, and we do our best to assure each and every one of our customers that we are here to not only offer you an awesome dog for you and your family, but to also make sure that we are here for ANY and ALL questions and concerns. Look, you are spending a lot of money on your dog, and you deserve to have someone here for you when you need them.

Queen Karma has been voted “Bully Queen” by over 1 million votes online. This designation makes her the nicest female American Bully in the world, voted on by the general public. This designation was not only for the XL variation, but for ALL sizes, which makes this award even more impressive.

With an unprecedented focus on the best dogs, MBK stands out from the rest. DNA testing, selective breeding and attention to detail allows MBK to produce the best XL Pitbulls and XL American Bullies.

The XL Pitbull, also known as the XL American Bully is a very popular breed known for their incredible size, strength and calm demeanor. An XL American Bully makes incredible family pets. Unlike a pitbull, the XL Bully lacks the aggressive drive. Our XL American Bullies are bred to be confident, social and protective with an eagerness to please its family. Our dogs have been featured on magazine covers, cd albums, national news articles and have been sold to many different celebrities, NBA players, NFL Players, MMA fighters, politicians and more!


Breeding the Best Blue American bully xl Pitbulls & Lilac Tri Pitbulls & Blue Fawn Pitbulls & Champagne Pitbull dogs.

Blue Nose Pit Xl

DDK’s Hulk  x ManMade’s Cali Daughter “Nala”

Blue Nose Pit Xl


How much is a pitbull XL?

American Bully XL, as the name suggests, are larger with males standing at 20″ to 23″ tall at the wither and females at 19″ to 22″. American Bullies XLs can weight 80 to 150 pounds. Pitbulls were historically bred as fight dogs, and are very intelligent, agile, and obedient dogs.

Are there XL pitbulls?

XL Pitbull’s price

On average, the XL Pitbull cost comes in between the range of $2500 to $5000, but there is a wide range of ups and downs in the price of XL pitbull females and variations in the XL Pitbull breeds.