Boots For Sled Dogs

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Durable, dependable, 100% made-in-America dog booties and jackets. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s as highly evolved as it gets.

Do something Mother Nature has yet to figure out. Like putting the highest performing protection between your dogs and the elements.

Another type of footwear used by people on the trail is a mukluk. Mukluks are made from moose hide, are extremely warm, wonderfully breathable, very flexible and almost as light as a feather. They have removable felt liners and insoles. There’s enough room in the mukluk to add extra felt insoles to boost the amount of insulation between foot and snow.

The Norwegians prefer a boot called a Lobben. Lobbens are made of felted wool and are very light as well as breathable. These favorite boots of Norwegian mushers and mukluks are often paired with an overshoe manufactured by NEOS. The overshoe adds some warmth but more importantly, it’s waterproof. Mushers have to be prepared for overflow and damp conditions just as they have to be prepared for extreme cold.

Many mushers, volunteers, and veterinarians wear a boot called the Trans Alaska Boot. The features that make it a great boot are the three inches of cold blocking insulation between the foot and the ground, the removable liner that reflects heat inward, the wicking insoles and its breathability. Ask veteran mushers like DeeDee Jonrowe, Jeff King, or the many other mushers who have worn this boot and they’ll tell you how warm and dependable these boots are. There are a couple of drawbacks that come along with the warmth though – these boots weigh a lot and aren’t quick to get in and out of.

Experts like my vet friends think that dogs and other animals that live out-of-doors have a different circulatory process than humans. When humans are in McGrath and the temperature is minus 36 degrees, blood vessels in the arms and legs contract to restrict blood flow to the limbs. This helps humans to maintain core body temperature. When sled dogs and other animals run into extreme cold, circulation in their legs stays constant or perhaps increases. Outdoor animals may even have more blood vessels in their legs and feet. Dogs and other animals have these natural adaptations to their environment, survival mechanisms to allow their feet to stay warm in very harsh winter conditions.

As it turns out, there are a couple of very good reasons. For one thing, booties are used to protect a dog’s feet from being scraped up. Cold snow and ice are very abrasive and rough – equivalent to rough cement or blacktop. That’s why humans wear shoes when running and playing outside – to protect the bottoms of their feet. Then there is the ice ball issue – snow gets caught around the pad of the foot and between the toes and it turns to ICE balls. Ice balls are so annoying! Think about having a blister, scrape or cut on your foot or having a tiny rock in your shoe – OUCH! So it is for the dogs but booties protect their feet.

Wash guideMax 30°C washing machine, do not tumble dry

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What dog boots do sled dogs wear?

Details. Our Featherlite TM booties are used by professional dog mushers and sportsmen for their working dogs in snowy conditions. The stretch loop makes them easy to put on and take off while staying secure during use, and the hemmed top adds many extra miles of use.

Why do some sled dogs wear booties?

Yes, sled dogs wear boots for paw protection. Wearing boots protects every part of their paws, and prevents injuries and discomfort. Dogs also wear boots sometimes while training for races.

How do mushers keep boots on their dogs?

Dog Boots are worn during the race to prevent snow balls from forming between the toes and to protect dog paws from injury due to ice shards and abrasion.